1 dead, pregnant woman injured in head-on crash

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SAN DIEGO – A 31-year-old woman died and a pregnant woman was hospitalized Sunday after two cars collided in Ocean Beach, police said.

Fatal Ocean Beach crashCrystal Noel Banducci was fatally injured on West Point Loma Boulevard about 6:30 p.m. Sunday, according to the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Banducci, a San Diego resident, was driving a Honda CRX east when, for unknown reasons, she veered into oncoming traffic and crashed head-on into a westbound Toyota Camry, the Medical Examiner’s Office reported. She died at the scene.

The driver of the Camry, a 40-year-old pregnant woman, was hospitalized, San Diego police Officer David Stafford said. The extent of her injuries were not immediately known.


  • Kai Mahni Marley

    I liked the part, "for unknown reasons!" she veered into oncoming traffic! Classic! You know the bitch was on her phone!

    • bakersfield

      seriously call her a bitch again?????????????? whats ur problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

    • Mee

      You are disgusting. Who calls someone who died in an accident a bitch? Even IF she was, that's hardly a mistake that makes her death warranted or any less tragic.

    • Shireen

      …And she was also my friend. She was a good person; a loyal friend with a great heart, something you lack. I'm sick to my stomach by your response.

  • david

    I knew crystal over 10 years. She was loved by every single person that I ever knew her to know. She was very smart. If you didn't know her trust me its your loss. One of the sweetest girls I have ever met. Very sad and I will miss her forever..
    Its sad how people just judge even when the facts are stated as unclear. She had ALOT of friends!

  • david

    Some of her closest friends are putting on a Paddle Out Celebration Of Life and Fundraiser.

    Saturday Morning @
    Sandbar Sportsbar & Grill
    718 Ventura Place
    Mission Beach, CA 92109

  • Michael

    Sad that some folks want to make assumptive sexist critcisms of a dead persons actions. She veered, could've been phone, could've been a cat, couldn've been she's tired. Evidently they ruled out alchohol and drugs. What I heard Sunday and needs to be paid attention to, she didn't wear her seatbelt. Seatbelts save lives, even in gnarly crashes like this. RIP


    Cats cross the street there several times daily, I've watched them. Also someone may have jumped out pedestrian, skate boarder, the wandering homeless, perhaps they didn't stick around to admit responsibility. Anything is possible on these streets. SLOW DOWN, DONT DRINK AND DRIVE, DONT SMOKE AND DRIVE. THIS WAS HORRIFIC!!!

  • Kathy

    I live on West Point Loma Blvd, 2 blocks from the accident site. It's a curvy stretch for several blocks, with blind spots, cars pulling in/out of parking spaces & driveways, skateboarders in the traffic lanes. I avoid it on my bike & drive under the posted 25mph limit at night, always expecting the unexpected . . . especially a fatality.

    I checked several news sites, curious about this tragic accident that happened so close to home. The block was closed to traffic for several hours while investigators looked for clues to determine the cause, with a variety of speculations reported.

    At this stage, SDPD speculations . . .
    No seatbelt + no airbag = cause of death.
    "Possible" distractive driving, her cell phone was found close by.
    Yet to be determined if the impact of the crash is related to several open containers in the vicinity.

    The only certainty that's been disclosed is she wasn't wearing a seatbelt. Poor judgement, yes, especially when it results in loss of a young life. Sincere condolences to friends & family of Crystal.

  • kko

    Here is a story from someone who was on the scene – she was not on her cell phone…so maybe before start making assumptions, they should wait and hear the whole story.__I was on the scene for the Reader and got a live statement from the Sargent in charge after the body was picked up by the coroner. He stated that there was a cell phone in the car, but it didn’t look like she was texting. The pregnant woman was NOT in critical condition, but was only slightly injured thanks to her air bag deploying, which the deceased didn’t have in her older car and that she was definitely NOT wearing her seat belt. He felt she would have survived if she had been wearing it. Toxicology reports will take awhile to come back and let them know if alcohol or drugs were involved. I saw the deceased and I wished I hadn’t. Here is my story….

    • Sixto

      Sooo… first you say that she was definitely "not on her cell phone," but then you quote the sergeant (<–correct spelling of the word) as saying that "it didn't look like she was texting," meaning that he's not sure. So which is it?

  • Nadine Butler

    She was not texting or on the phone. The police had her phone and now we have her phone. I don't know why anyone ever said MAYBE she was texting or on the phone? We have evidence that she was not. Why would someone that doesn't even know her say rude things like that? She was the most amazing person ever, and had probably 10 best friends. Everyone loved her. She will be deeply missed by the whole world.

  • CP Salem

    Regardless, this sweet and wonderful woman made the choice NOT to wear her seatbelt…………..a fatal choice………..God Bless her and I hope that we ALL learn from the mistake that she made. May she rest in peace, beautiful lady………such a terrible loss that should NOT have been………

  • Steve

    What is so sad about this also, is that Cyrstal's boyfriend 12 years ago died in a single car crash, he fell asleep at the wheel coming back to Bakersfield from Crystal"s house in San Diego. He wasn't wearing a seat belt either! Crystal was just the best person! So sweet. My son really adored her.

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