Days after Boston tragedy, fans gather for world triathlon in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO — Days after the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, a similar event drew large crowds in San Diego.

World renowned athletes raced through Mission Bay Friday and Saturday during the Omegawave World Triathlon. Fans packed the grandstands and gathered along the course to cheer them on.

Competitor Jane Trippet said it was inspiring to see such a large crowd.

“You can’t bomb the spirit,” said Jane Trippet, competitor. “And I think it’s really important that people get out here in spite of what happened.”

San Diego residents Glen Fraser and Sheri Leiter were among the spectators.

“It’s important that we send the message to people,” said Glen Fraser, spectator. “That we’re not going to be cowed by people trying to scare us and other terrorist tactics. So I think it’s great that people are out here.”

For Leiter the Boston bombing hit close to copy 2

“I’ve done Boston two times and it was really hard seeing that,” said Sheri Leiter, spectator. “And I think in the spirit of the sporting event and in the spirit of supporting athletes and the whole international vibe of the thing, we have to keep at it.”

Security guards and San Diego Police Officers were highly visible at the events.  Some residents said it’s still impossible to truly stop every threat.

“You have to live your life,” said Fraser. “You can’t be afraid of everything that could possibly happen to you. Could it happen here in San Diego? Absolutely it could. Is it likely? Probably not highly likely, but it could happen. Lets just hope it doesn’t happen.”

Organizers for major events across San Diego said they’re doing everything possible to keep athletes and spectators safe. They said they will be reviewing safety plans prior to major events, like the upcoming Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, and security will be adjusted as needed.


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