‘Idol’ contestant Amber Holcomb wins over judges

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SAN DIEGO – With Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez gone from “American Idol,” Amber Holcomb had to win over three new judges on the panel, and she did it.

amber houston

“American Idol” contestant Amber Houston

The 19-year-old from Houston, Texas almost made last year’s “Idol” top 10. After missing the cut last year, Holcomb returned home to work on a few things.

“My look and personality,” said Holcomb.  “I had to find who I was.  There’s a big change from last year to this year.”

She got a standing ovation from all four judges on the first live episode of the season.

Judge Nicki Minaj even dubbed her the young Whitney Houston.  Although, she said one of her greatest inspirations is Karen Carpenter.

“I think I was listening to Pandora one day and her song came up.  I typed in her name and watched all of her songs – hers and the Carpenters, and I fell in love,” said Holcomb.

As for her personal life, she didn’t talk too much about her rumored boyfriend back home, but apparently he revealed something about her.

Q:  If you came with a warning label, what would your ex say is written on that label?

“Warning: loud and random!  Yeah, loud and random.  You never know what’s going to come out of my mouth,” she said.  “And if I get too excited, I just get loud!”

Q:  Let’s say you make to the finals.  You’re sitting there in the finale with someone next to you.  Who’s there with you?

“Gosh, That’s so hard.  If I had to pick one because it’s going to be a girl winner this year,”  she laughed.  “So it’ll probably be Candice.  Candice will be sitting right next to me.”


  • Clarice Johnson

    Amber is my favorite and to think that she likes the Carpenters at 19 years old is too much. No wonder she has the vocal stylistics in place at such a young age with Karen Carpenter as a mentor.

  • Sarah Miles

    Amber is a definite finalist with Candice. She has a stunning voice and future and is best in classy vocals not Beyonce boppy pop. Why Amercia doesn't get this escapes me but she will soar whatever happens. Barbara Streisand's song and "Lately" have been her two best. She likes the Carpenters, so what? Maturity from a young star, Bravo! Amber and Candice have raw talent and beautiful voices. Why can't two people win and call it a draw? Angie is ok and it is tempting to vote her for the visual beauty and star looks but Angie and Kree are not up there with Amber and Candice. These two are sensational and need to go to the end. Although Candice may win Amber needs to be up there in the final. These two will be around for a long time to come.

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