Tourism marketing district agreement reached amid drama

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SAN DIEGO – Tourism marketing dollars could begin to flow again in San Diego.  Monday afternoon the San Diego City Council officially passed an amended agreement of the marketing pact, but the agreement did not come without drama.

“Somebody put my name as to form and legality with an unsigned signature line expecting me to bless something without our input,” said Jan Goldsmith, City Attorney.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 5.18.43 PMGoldsmith questioned the Mayor Bob Filner’s council.  He said the new agreement was reached without the City Attorney’s input.

“We’re not going to be questioned by the City Attorney in this forum,” returned the Filner’s staff member.

Earlier in the day, Mayor Filner announced reaching an agreement on the amendment of the marketing district pact.  He has now agreed to new conditions that protect the city from adverse legal judgments on the district’s funding mechanism.

Despite the debate from Goldsmith, council members unanimously approved the new agreement.  They also overturned Filner’s previous veto.

Tourism executives said since the TMD debate, San Diego has cancelled some $8 million worth of advertising, getting back in the game will be difficult.

“Now we have to quickly go back in market and see if we can find any space,” said Joe Terzi, San Diego Tourism Authority President.  “We have to see if if we can find any 30 second and 60 second spots which at this point we think we’re closed out of the markets right now.”

Filner must still sign the original marketing agreement.

“It’s expected he will,” said Terzi.  “Once he does funds will be released.  Perhaps even as soon as next week.”