Man allegedly knocked unconscious by CBP officer

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SAN DIEGO — A badly bruised San Diego man was allegedly abused by a law enforcement official at the border over the weekend.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 9.40.23 PMAs Francisco Gonzalez spoke to a room of reporters Monday, he had four stitches above his left eye, four stitches on his chin, a busted lip, loose teeth and a broken thumb.

Gonzalez said his injuries stemmed from physical and violent treatment of a Customs and Border Protection Officer Saturday.

The US citizen was making his way back to San Diego through the pedestrian check lines at the San Ysidro border crossing facility Saturday morning when he was approached by a CBP officer.

Gonzalez was ordered to move to a different line.

“There are many lines, I cross all the time and the right line is always the fastest, so I took that one,” he said. “I asked the officer, ‘don’t I have the freedom to pick the line I want?’ the officer then grabbed me and moved me, I told him he didn’t have to touch me.”

“I saw the CBP officer call for back and I was confused. I saw two officers coming toward me so I turned, that’s when someone came behind me and threw me to the ground, I went unconscious and woke up later in an ambulance,” said the father of two.Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 9.42.43 PM

Human rights advocates said Gonzalez’s story is just one of a growing list of incidents of alleged abuse involving CBP officers and border agents.

Gonzalez plans to seek justice in his case and doesn’t know when or if he’ll ever cross again.

CBP officials released this statement:

“We recognize that with the thousands of people crossing through the San Ysidro Port each day, incidents sometimes occur.  We take any allegation of misconduct very seriously and each complaint is investigated, and if we establish that employees engaged in unprofessional behavior, we take appropriate action to correct the situation.

That said, the number of complaints filed represents an extremely small number compared to the overall volume of inspections conducted daily at the San Ysidro port of entry.”





    • Andrew

      You other two commenters are pieces of sh!t. The man is an American (not that it even matters). Unless he initiated some violent or hostile act; he shouldn’t have been touched. That’s what you get for asking a question?.. I heard there were a lot of racists in San Diego. Comments like that, support that claim.

  • LoneWolf

    That said, the number of complaints filed represents an extremely small number compared to the overall volume of inspections conducted daily at the San Ysidro port of entry.”

    The number of valid complaints shouldn't be extremely small it should be zero. The brownshirts are abusing their power and our rights as Americans.

  • Anonymous

    You need to get over it, those officers are trying to do their job at a national border crossing, they don’t know who you are, you could be a terrorist for all they know. If they tell you to do something you do it, no questions asked you don’t give them a reason to have to detain you. What the hell r u talking about “sometimes it is” that hard to comply, Id like to see you try to keep your country safe and have to deal with stupid ass politics whenever you have to do your job!

    • American Patriot

      You seem like you never crossed as a pedestrian there is no hassle while crossing. The CBP Agents shouldnt even be in the lines telling people where to go or not to. It's would be just like a cashier in a grocery store tell you to move lines? It's a very busy scenario but a federal agent should not use violance againts a civilian. Terrorist don't cross walking. They use Tunels. The pedestrians that cross are simple humble people in most cases.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry that the incident happened but you cannot blame the CBP for the incident they were just doing their job and the man didn’t comply, instead he gave a smart ass comment. STUPID!

    • Law abiding Citizen

      Last run I had with CBP, they apologized. Their captain said that the officer was just overworked and stressed due to the current situation (terrorists?). I told him the if the officer couldn't handle the stress and the hours that he should quit because everyone else were doing a fine job until he decided to pick a fight. All this was suddenly resolved after they found out that I worked for local law enforcement. CBP should upgrade their background and psych process before filling the lines with rocks.

  • BobT

    Walk over to the line they tell you dumba$$. I don't want to have to pay for your BS lawsuit since you "went unconscious" . Or save us all trouble and expatriate to Mexico permanently.

  • anonymous

    The news only tells you half the story. Unless you were standing there when it happened, you have no right to pass judgement. I have no doubt that if he was thrown to the ground, it was because he didnt want to listen and became completely non-compliant with what he was being told. Officers dont just walk up to people and tell them to move and the second you say no, throw you to the ground. Of course the news is going to sell you this story of a harmless U.S. Citizen getting beaten up by law enforcement. Otherwise, it wouldnt evoke such a strong response from viewers.

  • SDBigdogg88

    The simple fact is I also cross the border several times per week, and knuckleheads like this guy are always cutting the line. When the Customs officers see this happening, they make the person who cut in front of everyone else go to the back of the line where they belong, which is the proper thing to do IMO. But this "victim" in a round about way, mentions that he initially refused to cooperate with the officers command to get back in the proper line, and then when the officer moved to take command of the subject, which he has every right to do, the suspect…I mean victim, angrily told the officer that "he didn't have to put his hand on me", which for any cop, means that the subject is becoming combative and at that time, help from other officers was requested, and the suspect….I mean victim, was taken to the ground which is consistent with his injuries, whereupon the suspect….I mean victim, conveniently forgets the rest of the details of what transpired. However too bad for the suspect, yep, the suspect, that the whole inside of the Customs building is closely monitored by microphone and cameras that record your every conversation and movement, which will be interesting when a civil judge looks at the video tape of the suspect refusing to follow lawful commands from the officer.

  • Guest

    I don't know about some of you, but I worry about this country when "Do as you're told, no questions asked" is how we are expected to react to men with badges. That's a recipe for tyranny.

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