The San Ysidro Port of Entry expansion project may get new funding

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san-ysidro-boder-e1361206640503 SAN YSIDRO — President Barack Obama’s budget request released today includes $226 million to fund expansion projects at the San Ysidro Port of Entry, according to three members of the local congressional delegation.    Rep. Juan Vargas, D-San Diego, said the projects are critical to the region’s economic growth.

“The completion of this project will facilitate the legitimate and efficient movement of people and goods at our port of entry, create jobs and promote cross-cultural partnerships,” Vargas said. “Investing in our nation’s infrastructure is imperative for a safer and more prosperous border region.”    Colleagues Susan Davis and Scott Peters, both San Diego Democrats, said a larger border crossing would cut wait times and increase economic activity.

The San Ysidro border crossing is the busiest in the world, with more than 50,000 vehicles and around 25,000 pedestrians entering the U.S. daily.    The two countries agreed to expand the port of entry in 2011. While Mexico has finished its side, the U.S. has not because of budget cuts. The president has proposed the spending, but it still needs to be appropriated by Congress.  While discussing issues surrounding immigration reform San Diego
officials have consistently said the inefficient border crossing is a hindrance to commercial activity in the region.

On Tuesday the San Diego City Council passed a resolution supporting comprehensive immigration reform. It said, in part, “the city supports and immigration reform should include, an efficient and safe border including added federal investment in infrastructure and technology at our ports of entry, as well as adequate staffing, to keep pace with expanding bilateral trade and population growth of the border region.”


  • Richardo

    Notice all the vans coming across! The illegals and cartels are having a great time coming across to leach off America

  • Mad Girl

    This plan is absolutely ridiculous! So people that live in Mexico that come to work in the U.S. everyday can now get here faster, get home faster & take perfectly good U.S. dollars back to Mexico & out of our economy even faster than they could before???!!! Really dude?? Really? I'm appalled. I don't think anything in the written story above about how it's supposed to go down will happen. This is a plan on paper thought up by a bunch of dummies. It will not work in the real world. It might create some construction jobs for awhile & let some trucks across the border a little faster, but think about the rest of what this means. Get ready San Diego, this is not a good plan.

  • DavePretty

    Before anyone else gets up in arms, they might want to read up on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Essentially tariffs and fees on trade between our three countries were reduced or omitted completely to benefit the United States. Meaning, products and goods manufactured in Mexico can be imported into the United States at a much lower cost which in turn lowers the cost to the consumer.

    Mexico has a stable democracy (critical for long term financial and business growth) and is the United States’ 3rd largest trade partner and 2nd largest export market for U.S. products.

    Rather than focusing on the cartels and human smuggling operations, think about the financial gains and business opportunity. Their respective growths are bottlenecked by our border. Increasing it is a necessity if it’s to succeed.

  • Joe Smith

    Create jobs? It is more like take jobs away from US citizens. Economics states that when you have more of something, their value decreased.

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