Security guard faked drive-by shooting

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Bravo Three Security Patrol CarSANTEE, Calif. — A security guard who reported that someone in a red Suburban shot at him last week faked the attack by shooting at his own patrol car, a sheriff’s detective said Thursday.

Lance Wright, a 22-year-old guard with Bravo Three Security, called 911 at about 3:50 a.m. on April 5 and reported that he pulled over on Woodside Avenue near Highway 67 when a red Suburban came up behind him and flashed its lights. As the SUV passed, someone inside fired several shots at him, Wright told sheriff’s investigators.

“We were able to determine that the incident did not occur,” sheriff’s Det. Sgt. Scott Enyeart told reporters Thursday. “It was staged and Mr. Wright shot his own weapon at his own car.”

When confronted with the discrepancies between his story and evidence, Wright eventually confessed to his deception. The Lakeside resident admitted Wednesday during questioning that he lied, Enyeart said.

Investigators have not determined why Wright made up the story, but they believe that a similar drive-by shooting incident that he reported in February was also fabricated, Enyeart said.

Wright has not been arrested, but the case has been forwarded to the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office for evaluation, Enyeart said.

Wright could be charged with a variety of crimes, including negligent discharge of a firearm, planting evidence, filing a false police report and felony vehicle vandalism, Enyeart said.


  • Pat Bateman

    So very happy this pretend-a-cop rent-a-cop was armed. Lucky it was only his car he shot to get attention.

  • T

    What a loser! he must not have a life to have to make this false report to get attention. Hope this is handled appropriately.

  • Spencer

    I commented on this story before, his story seemed totally bogus, another reason why rent a cops shouldnt carry firearms!

  • Guest

    No surprise this company is owned by an Ex San Diego Police Officer. I hope someone takes a look at the Federal Contract this company just got.

  • R. M.

    All of you people who talk crap about security guards are just immature babies who have a problem with authority. There is a need for security in society just like any other job. Further there are nuts in any profession including any of yours. Wise up please.

  • Secuity

    If I was Mr. David Garcia (Owner of Bravo Three), I would fire the hell out this idiot. First, you know having an armed 22yr. old on night watch patrol was a mistake. Your risk rate is high and you can't monitor the quality of work their doing. I myself owns a private security company and would now of let this happen.

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