Dairy industry wants to add Aspartame to milk

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SAN DIEGO – You’ve heard of Diet Coke, but how about diet milk?

The dairy industry is asking the Food and Drug Administration to allow it to add artificial sweeteners to some milk and dairy products.  But it does not want to advertise “reduced calories” in a prominent place on the label of the product.

milkThe idea has been in the making for almost four years, but it is sparking national uproar this week because the FDA is looking for the public’s input on the issue.

In an effort to reduce childhood obesity and boost milk sales, the  International Diary Association (IDEA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) have petitioned the FDA to change the definition of Milk and 17 other dairy products, including sour cream, yogurt and half and half.   The change, would allow the dairy industry to add aspartame and other artificial sweeteners to those products without  including prominent labels for consumers.

“I think that is just horrible,” said Aileen Taketa of San Diego.  “Something like that needs to be right on the front label so we know what is in the food we are consuming.”

“There’s a lot of stuff in our foods that they don’t tell us about,” said Richard Mazon of San Diego.  “I don’t see what the big deal is.”

Artificial sweeteners would still have to be listed under the ingredients on the product.

The trade associations stress that the intention is not to add artificial sweeteners to all milk, it is mainly interested in adding it to flavored milks.

The petition states:  “Studies have shown that school-age children are more likely to consume flavored milk over regular milk, so if the downward trend in milk consumption in schools is to be reversed, there needs to be better options available for lower-calorie flavored milk.”

But adding artificial sweetener in kids drinks is a hot button issue for many families.

“To me aspartame is poisonous,” said Kim Stead, a San Diego mother.  “Adding that to help with Obesity is not the answer.”

Mazon believes adding artificial sweeteners to milk could help childhood obesity.

“If it’s gonna cut down on having chubby kids running around then I think it will be better,” Mazon said.

The FDA will accept online comments from the public about this issue until May 21, 2013.


  • Jgonzalez

    Seriously ? Adding artificial sweeteners in milk will take care of the problem? Growing up I only had one choice and my mother controlled it. I could have water or milk. Parents need to parent and need to start stepping in and taking charge of what is good for their kids! Why don't we just have soda with vitamin C for breakfast?! Ugh

  • Cindy Hullings

    This is just plain wrong for many reasons. Whatever happened to the attitude of everything in moderation? Flavored milks are ok once in awhile just as occasionally eating fast food is not going to cause obesity. My own answer is to eat natural fresh ingredients on a regular basis and rarely ever eat fast food. I don't eat anything that comes out of a box because there are too many chemicals! Consumers have the right to know what manufacturers are adding to their products! Aspartame is a migraine trigger for many people so how can manufacturers even think about adding it to any product without listing it in the ingredients? That is just plain irresponsible. Speaking from experience, migraines are very debilitating and I have to be extremely careful about what I eat or drink. Do people really now have to worry whether or not aspartame is in their milk? And if it can be added to milk without our knowledge, what next because you know it won't stop there!

  • Tara Rose

    What about the people like me that are allergic to aspartame? Burning throat and vomiting is the result of consuming it for me. I have to check the label on foods to make sure it's not in the product. This is utter bullshit that they can just assume that drinking milk is the reason for obesity. Go ahead and add that shit to milk and watch the lawsuits start rolling in… I will certainly be the first in line because this is going way too far and these idiots need to be stopped!!

    • JHinSD

      Uh, maybe don't buy it? Perhaps read the ingredients list and instead buy the stuff with sugar? Instead, you'll drink it…on purpose…and then sue because you're too stupid to not drink product to which you are allergic? Brilliant!

        • guest999

          @literateReader It said it wont be on front but will be on the ingredients list. So maybe you are not as Literate as you think!

  • Mendy

    I am very angry that somebody else is deciding what they are going to put in dairy products that I DO NOT AGREE with I AM ALLERGIC to all artificial sweeteners especially Aspartame this is just another chemical they want to add to our food as a parent I will not buy these dairy products and I will not be the only one.I'm tired of somebody else controlling what I consume or my children do enough is enough my children should not suffer because some parents just don't know how to be a parent and control their children why should we as a public have to deal with more poisons in our food just because of obesity my kids are not over weight and I find it ridiculous that my kids have to suffer for the ones that are.

  • Debbie

    I will not buy ANY milk products if this passes. Aspartame is poisonous. I choose not to drink diet drinks so why would I want this garbage in my dairy products?? This will not help childhood obesity. Diet and exercise are the only way.

    • AJM

      My son is underweight and dairy provides his with dense calories. This is the WORST idea I have ever heard of! This will HURT the dairy industry more than it will help it! I never buy anything artificially sweetened. You are right- it is poison!

  • Tina

    There are more natural sweeteners to use instead of aspartame. I avoid sugars and things with aspartame in them, won't be poisoning my kids with that milk

  • JHinSD

    What incredible misinformation and a perfect example of poor and/or biased reporting. The comments from readers/viewers are equally ignorant. "Aspartame as poison", really? Got any proof 'cuz there is none? "Aspartame as cancer causing", perhaps you're thinking of saccharine (caused cancer only when mice were given MASSIVE doses but never proven to cause cancer in humans)?

    Of course the aspartame (meant as a sugar substitute to reduce calories) will be listed in the ingredients…the industry merely doesn't want to have to put "aspartame" in giant letters across the front of the label. Are you people too dumb to read the ingredients and make choices on what you consume? If you don't want to drink the low calorie stuff…don't! In fact, there are several sources who cite sugar as a toxin in humans and yet you and your kids drink the stuff right on up?

    Here is an industry offering choices to consumers and all you commentators do is expose your ignorance by opening your collective mouths.

    • TjLiberty

      yes there's proof its poision you can have a hair analysis to test you for poisioning. the symptoms, side effects and diseases are numerous…from basic things like migranes, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision…to tumors, brain damage, birth defects, sexual problems…consumption can give you cancer, symptoms of MS, fIBROMYALGIA,LYME DISEASE, and so much more—if you think we are all fools for believeing this is a bad thing help yourself to more of it.ASPARTAME can be safe if consumed in 7.8mg/day the average person drinks beverages with it up tp 250mg—-this will have an effect on your body/ animals have been tested on and the effects are worse on humans. The best thing to do is get a hair analysis to test for poisioning, and detox yourself for 60 days/ I think you will see a significant difference.these people you refer to as TOO DUMB to read the labels are not dumb at all- the point at hand is that the acknowledgement of aspartame being made known is trying to be concealed…which tells me there must be a reason why!!!

    • Windy Daley of Texas

      To JHinSD:
      People are not "dumb" because they don't want chemicals in their foods. Aspartame gives me headaches–and I haven't consumed it in years. When those headaches came back, I found out that the toothpaste I had changed to had aspartame. I didn't even realize that they had put it in the toothpaste because the brand I did buy did not have it.

      As a health teacher (and past researcher), I do not recommend aspartame for children or anyone. Children are the vulnerable ones because they will be given this poisonous milk at school. Modern fast/food milk causes enough allergies as it is. Milk should be boycotted, and people who are concerned about chemicals in foods should not be called "dumb. "

      We need to love our children enough to feed them real food. We should not be afraid to be called dumb because we question Big Dairy's suspicious and "dumb" actions. Let's all boycott milk!

    • Jerica

      I am actually writing a paper on aspartame right now… my research suggests that it is indeed bad for you. methanol, phenylalanine, and aspartic acid (the three main ingredients that makeup Aspartame) are independently bad for us. so how can they be "ok" when mixed together. When heated to 86 degrees Fahrenheit (human mouth = 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) — aspartame releases free methanol that breaks down into formic acid and formaldehyde in the body.

    • Melody

      I am sorry, but you are the one who is ignorant. Aspartame nearly killed me. There are thousands of people out there who have an intolerance to aspartame. It should be taken off the market!

  • Brandon

    When did kids start making decision about they will drink?! How about instead of putting crap in our milk, parents start being parents.

  • TjLiberty

    if food companies were so worried about obesity they would take oreos, mt. dew and doritos off the market or add aspartame to them… they aren't concerned with children being unhealthy and over weight.this is a cop-out its all win win for them……..poison them=reduced popualtion, keep them fat= reduce population. people are wising up and leaving diet sodas alone so now they have to target something we have to feed our kids……smart on their part. if it was such a agood thing they wouldnt try to conceal it.in order to keep doctors and food companies in buissness they allow this type of thing to slowly kill us all. and use deceit to keep their families fed. so if asked my opinion i think i'd risk being over weight rather than being diliberately poisioned. ASPARTAME IS RAT POISION NOT FOOD!!!! i would say just stick with the water but they got that market cornered too with fluoride— just ride it out, dont ask any questions, and educate yourself- You can control what you put into your body–nd if you are unsure/stay away from it–you can gaurantee "they" aren't looking out for your best interests.

    • Windy Daley of Texas

      Excellent comment expressing the outrage Americans feel about the addictive poisons being put in our food! We need to stand up and avoid fast/processed foods as much as we can. TJLiberty is right: We can choose what and where we eat.

  • OutragedFoodie

    Right… because, instead of doing something EASY like, eating healthier and promoting physical activity, the SOLUTION to childhood obesity is CANCER! Why focus on the CAUSE of cancer when the solution is so profitable?! Almond milk is an excellent alternative (obviously, read labels)… BUT it's EASY to make and absolutely delicious. Lower in calories, higher in nutrients, and devoid of poisons like GMOs and aspartame.

  • Anonymous

    Very surprised this was even covered on MOX NEWS. Although, the following story on tv was "worlds best donuts." So you cover Aspartame ie poison, then do a story about how the public should rush to eat food with GMO'S ie neuro-toxins and artificial additives that are scientifically proven to be a carcinogen. MOX 5 doing what they do best, entertaining, confusing and instilling fear in the people. Then plucking at your heart strings with a closing story about a boy in a wheelchair getting a new home. This is called emotional manipulation and it is a form of mental control. Consider this your cease and desist letter. If you do not comply you will face hostile protest. Rupert Murdoc…we are coming for you!

    • Duke

      This guy is clearly a nut job. I have been eating processed food my entire life and I'm as healthy as a giraffe. Also, my kids love growing up not knowing what natural food tastes like. They don't know any better and I intend to keep it this way. It is not my duty to help those who have been manipulated by institutions they were led to believe they could trust. I would rather sit back and enjoy my god given American right of freedom, which is living a perverted life of materialism, over-consumption and vanity. I didnt want to live this way , but years and years of conditioning have proved to be more powerful then my ability to RESIST! Remember, people will accept the reality they are presented with. Cheers!

  • Guest

    A statistically significant increase in the incidence of malignant tumors, lymphomas and leukemias in rats exposed to varying doses of aspartame appears to link the artificial sweetener to a high carcinogenicity rate.

    Do they serve milk to Obama's kids?

  • Kristen

    Seriously. I doubt Milk is making America fat either. There are adverts pushing people to drink more milk. Lets have more force on getting rid of things like Artificial "chemicals" and GMO's that are slowly killing us.

  • Phil

    cows milk is made for cows. No need for humans to drink it. Dairy cows have to be kept in perpetual pregnancy to keep lactating. Their babies are born and immediately taken from their mothers.. can you imagine your baby being taken away at birth after a long gestation period. They are crated until they are a few months old to become "veal" another word for baby calf.

    Once the mothers cannot keep producing milk, their "retirement pay" is the Slaughter house.

    the whole thing is a very ugly, inhumane industry that perpetuates on lies and untold stories….. stories that are legally bound to secrecy – hidden by "gag orders" !!

    Humans do not need to eat meat nor do they need cows milk.

    Don't believe the lies. No one on the planet has ever died from not eating meat or drinking milk.

    • Jerica

      so true…id like to see any one of these advocates for milk drink straight from the utters…humans are the only species that choose to steal other mammals milk…I think its silly. Thank God im lactose intolerant

  • Richard Levine

    The industry and the FDA are criminals. They should be locked in a room and forced to drink milk with these artificial sweeteners, floridated water, and eat the 10,000 food addatives they refuse to test, all the GMO foods they approved, have their teeth filled with mercury, and be given vaccinations with mercury, aluminum and all the other additives they allow for us. The FDA is really meeting the joke defination of this abbreviation which is Food and Death Administration. At the rate they are going we won't have anything to eat or drink that is really safe.

  • Jerica

    I am actually writing a paper on aspartame right now… my research suggests that it is indeed bad for you. methanol, phenylalanine, and aspartic acid (the three main ingredients that makeup Aspartame) are independently bad for us. so how can they be "ok" when mixed together. When heated to 86 degrees Fahrenheit (human mouth = 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) — aspartame releases free methanol that breaks down into formic acid and formaldehyde in the body.

  • Angry Grandma!

    When will the FDA and the government start protecting it's people! Because of big corporations always wanting to make a buck and politicians working for these companies it will never happen. It is the slow poisoning of America .The FDA knows that Aspartame is a poison, just like fluoride "oh it;s only a small amount." That small amount will be in many things and add to a large amount. But oh what condition will that cause, Than here comes big Farmica to put you on a drug for the rest of your life to support the doctors and drug companies. I will stop drinking milk. I already drink almond milk, but enjoy regular milk occasionally.

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