Dumanis may face challenger in bid for 4th term as DA

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District Attorney Bonnie DumanisSAN DIEGO — Bonnie Dumanis confirmed Thursday that she plans to seek a fourth term as San Diego County’s top prosecutor, while a veteran lawyer filed papers that will allow him to explore whether to become her first challenger.

A Dumanis campaign spokeswoman sent City News Service a statement that announced the district attorney’s plans.

“I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished in the D.A.’s office during my tenure, including maintaining one of the highest conviction rates in the state of California,” said Dumanis, who was first elected in 2002. “In my next term, I look forward to working with our extraordinary team to pursue justice and put even more innovative crime prevention programs in place to keep our neighborhoods safer.”

Dumanis has twice been reelected without opposition. However, she ran a sluggish campaign for San Diego mayor last year and came in fourth in the June primary election, despite dozens of high-profile endorsements.

In her statement, she said she is focused on her work to protect the public since the election is more than one year away.

The challenge could come from trial lawyer Robert Brewer, who is currently in private practice. He said he filed the necessary paperwork to look into whether to mount a challenge.

Brewer, 66, used to be a state and federal prosecutor and was a decorated Army paratrooper in the Vietnam War.

“San Diego County residents deserve a district attorney who will effectively prosecute criminals, put ethics and fairness ahead of politics in the justice system, and be fully committed to the office of district attorney,” Brewer said. “While I anticipate making a formal announcement of candidacy later this year, I have begun securing endorsements and raising the considerable funds necessary to compete successfully in a county that has a population larger than 12 states.”

The Del Mar resident, who is married to U.S. District Judge Irma Gonzalez, said he has received positive feedback from community leaders, current and former prosecutors, and law enforcement and legal professionals.


  • Elisabeth

    Robert Brewer as the San Diego District Attorney would be a wonderful thing for America's Finest City. We need DA with one hundred percent razor focus on executing this very important job of keeping our city safe. A DA that has the support of his community and is dedicated to leading the DA's office rather than running for another office within months of being elected.

    • MS-SD

      Get your facts straight, Elisabeth – Bonnie has been DA since 2003 and JUST ran for mayor last election… She has been a phenomenal DA and will continue to lead in this position.

      Who is Brewer? An attorney married to a Federal Judge? That's not what I'd call overwhelming credentials.

  • Dave

    Get your facts straight Ms-. I worked in that office for decades and let me tell you. Dumanis and her "team" are universally despised by her employees. They pray daily that she will be defeated. And they are not alone. Her perennially poor judgment has caused botched prosecutions ruining people's lives. Law enforcement is sick of her. She doesn't garner much respect from the Bench either. Why ? let me tell you.. Public Safety is only a minor concern to her. All she cares about is her own self aggrandizement. For example, when she gained office, her predecessor had 2 PR consultants… Last time I looked she has 7. – an unconscionable waste of taxpayer money. And, now she is self promoting on TV, thru the vehicle of Chasing Worker's Comp Fraud. (The insurance industry who pays her for those prosecutions, is paying for those promos). There is so much more, but I leave that to another day… Bottomline, we need a new DA, and Brewer has the kind of experience and impeccable credentials worth a serious look.

    • MS-SD

      You are obviously a shill for Brewer because I DO work there and everything you have said is a blatant lie.

      Guess we already know what lengths Brewer will go to to gain some votes?

      • thechurchofchrismartin

        Whether Dave is a shill or not, Bogus Bonnie is in trouble. She has made far too many enemies with her bad judgement calls and the medical marijuana community DESPISES her! I think she might be in trouble. As for all you jack-booted Assistant D.A.'s–how you Dumanis storm-troopers sleep at night knowing what you do all day is a big mystery to me. Shame on you for selling your ambitious souls to do the dirty work of a craven and hack politico that will hopefully be booted out of office soon, but not soon enough!

        BTW: Mr, Brewer has a message for the D.A. employees: http://robertbrewerforda.com/2013/04/10/an-open-l

  • SD citizen

    Some pretty high profile endorsements for Brewer as well – "Bob is known to be very skilled in the courtroom and also has the top-flight administrative skills needed to manage a large public law office. His ethics are beyond question, and he is a largely apolitical person who simply believes in public service." http://robertbrewerforda.com/endorsements/

  • Arthur

    Bonnie ran unopposed the last two times, so I am happy to see someone running against her. And from what I have read, Bob Brewer seems to be a very competent lawyer and could be a good fit for the job. I like his belief that the administration of justice should be done without politics. Learn more about who Bob Brewer is here: http://robertbrewerforda.com/

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