County crime increased in 2012

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Crime-Tape-NightSAN DIEGO  –  The San Diego Association of Governments released its 2012 crime statistics report on Wednesday, and officials said the association will continue to monitor a recent uptick in the region’s crime rate and factors that could be behind the increase.

The data from the umbrella group for the area’s governments show a seven percent countywide climb in violent crime from the previous year, and a six percent hike in property crimes. However, the numbers are still close to 30-year lows, according to SANDAG.

The organization released many of the statistics two weeks ago. The 107 murders in 2012 was up 30 percent over 2011, but the 12th lowest in the past three decades.

The number of aggravated assaults rose by nine percent to 7,840 from the previous year, the sixth lowest mark in the 30-year period, but larceny and auto thefts rose by seven percent, burglaries climbed six percent, and rape and robbery cases were up five percent, according to SANDAG.

The 3,200 robberies reported was the second-lowest total over the three decades, and the 691 reported rapes was the fourth-lowest, according to SANDAG.

“We are continuing to closely monitor the trend reversal and factors that may be contributing to it,” according to Cynthia Burke, SANDAG’s director of criminal justice research.

“In the past few years, there have been significant cuts in resources for crime prevention and other law enforcement efforts,” Burke said. “In addition, recent legislation has put new strains on law enforcement by shifting an increasing number of offenders and ex-offenders from state supervision to ocal supervision.”

San Diego police Chief William Lansdowne has cited those issues in past public comments.


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