Pit bull attacks victim in Bay Park

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SAN DIEGO – Animal officials were searching for a dog that attacked a person in Bay Park Wednesday afternoon, authorities said.

viciousDogA 54-year-old victim seriously injured after a pit bull attack on the 2500 block of Clairemont Drive around 3:45 p.m., San Diego County Animal Control officials said.

Crews were still looking for the pit bull in nearby neighborhoods.

No other information was available.


    • Isobel Cairns

      How about…"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! NOT AGAIN!??!?!?!" San Diego seems to be a hot bed of PB attacks but then they adopt them out of the shelter for free… what would you expect?

  • Guest

    So other than this being a useless article with no information how the heck do we know it was a pit bull? The first thing the article says is "…Officials were searching for a dog that attacked a person in Bay Park…" A DOG….and then all the sudden it identifies the dog as a pit bull…were there witnesses…is the victim not so seriously hurt he was able to identify the dog….why would this article be published with so little information except to demonize pit bulls again? I want more info!!!!

  • Guest

    Alienate a breed to capture more viewers, classy fox 5. If it was a golden retriever, the lady had it coming right. Disgusting, you lost a viewer today.

  • Anne

    imagine the uproar from pit owners if moving forward only the word "dog" could be used in reporting! Sure, that's how they want it when the story is bad, like this one, but wowza, if it was a good news story and the reporting was simply "dog helps owner" pit owners would scream that it should be a reported as a pit because pits are so wonderful, and that the media is trying to hide the good things pits do. Sorry pit owners, media report it's a pit attack because it's a pit attack. There is no media conspiracy, and yes, the majority of folks can look at a dog and know it's a pit. Why those points seem easier to believe than believing that this type of dog, like all others, simply does what it's genetics tell it to you is mind boggling.

  • Lisbeth

    This article was likely intended to warn people there was yet again a pit bull roaming and attacking people. I hope in the meantime someone has shot the pit bull.

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