Powerball lottery coming to California

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SAN DIEGO – It’s another chance for lottery players in California to strike it rich.

Tickets for Powerball — the multi-state lottery game that creates cross-country pandemonium with its sky-high jackpots — will be available for the first time in the Golden State on Monday.

438f17d44514de4a47131c09a0121128Spring Valley resident Lloyd Howard plays a number of lotteries and said he’s ready for Powerball.

“Somebody just won, what…$300 million?  I’m trying to get that too,” said Howard.

Howard said he’ll buy tickets at Ray’s Market in Spring Valley — where a $2 million winning lotto ticket was sold two years ago.

“We feel we have a lucky store in general.  Hopefully someone hits the Powerball here,” said owner Raymond Kassab.

Powerball jackpots start at $40 million.  When jackpots go up — sales explode.  State lotto officials are happy players can play at home instead of having to cross state lines for tickets.

“The more times we can get those higher jackpots – the more revenue will come in to education here in California,” said Randy Forrester, with the California Lottery’s San Diego District Office.

Winning is still very much a long shot.  One statistician said a player buying 50 tickets a week would win the jackpot on the average of once every 68,000 years.


  • Guest

    Who is this Randy Forrester trying to BS?

    If our schools were getting a nickel from our current Lottery, the schools wouldn't be in the mess they are in; laying off teachers, staff members, making teachers buy supplies, parents like myself donating supplies and buying the school cheerleaders their pom poms because the school has no money, etc etc.

    I'd really like to know "exactly" how much of this money is actually getting down to the "schools". Of course I know where it's going here in the Sweetwater District? It's lining the pockets of those gosh darn School Board crooks!

    My apologies, they get/got their money from the BRIDES ALL of them have been taking for years!

  • Guest

    GREED that's the name of the Game
    It's why people blow money they can't afford to loose
    as for the skoolz it's GREED that makes teachers extract wages that won't support all others
    Everyone Can't Have More Money

  • Russell

    what a bunch of cry babies. Poor me Poor me. A bunch of bleeding heart liberals. The money go's to the schools. It's just not enough, it's never enough. There are to many damm schools cause there are to many damm people in this world. If we as america stop sending so much money overseas. We might actually have some for our kids and the schools.

  • ace

    a billion dollars thats how much…. and yes thats not enough to keep schools afloat. yall should take a break from complaining and do some research. :)

  • cjb

    The money goes to the schools, it's just that the State has withdrawn comparable funds they USED to give to education. So we get lottery – but little else!

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