Mom runs off leaving kids in crashed van

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NATIONAL CITY, Calif. — A high-speed chased ended early Wednesday when a woman crashed a van and ran off, leaving her two children crying in the wreck.

The pursuit began at about 12:30 a.m. when National City police attempted to pull over the older Dodge van on East 8th Street. Instead of stopping, the woman driving the van sped off, leading officers on a short chase.

The driver lost control on East 8th Street near East Plaza Boulevard, driving off the road and up a hillside. The van slid several hundred feet, and when it came to a stop, the woman ran off, leaving her two children crying in the van, police said. Officers caught her a short time later.

An ambulance that happened to be in the area arrived at the crash scene in minutes and paramedics gave the children first aid and took them to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

The woman was also taken to a hospital in police custody. Investigators said she faces a variety of possible charges.

Police did not say why they initially tried to stop the van.


  • Guest

    Sounds like a horrible mother. Good news is, after all this is said and done, the kids can be taken away from her.

    • Phxfire

      …and darn, the taxpayers have to pay for your perks, too. Like street lights/maintenance, water, sewer, police and fire protection, social security, medicare, etc..all very painful to know it goes toward helping people like you.

    • Pearl Boswell

      At least these children are safe. I'd gladly pay a little extra for that!
      Shame on you for complaining.

  • Just in Beeper

    Her thoughts just before the short car chase: "…betcha dis old dodge van got enuf giddyup to outrun these coppers, oh yeah! KIDS, PUT YOUR SEATBELTS ON AND HANG ON!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    • rahrah1

      Not sure why all the vote downs. I thought your post was funny. I guess some people just don't understand sarcasm

    • Phxfire

      Just read a story about a white mother who tried to drown her children, they may have a lifetime of medical problems..what lowlife, bigoted comment about her?

  • Michael

    Wow what a piece of work. And I also mean Mr. Chris Pruett here. All you can take out of the story is that "tax payers have to pay for all of them…". Nice cmopassion bud. They're KIDS! Too bad for the kids, Mom must have had a healthy jail record.

    • Stephanie

      I wholly agree sir! That was exactly what I thought when I read his comment. Those are children, not another ploy for "The Man" to get you. Sheesh!

  • mar

    Mom faces a variety of "POSSIBLE" charges………please charge her with everything under the sun, mostly related to endangering her children and abandoning them during a time when most nurturing mothers would be he** bent in making sure her children were physically and emotionally well SMH…..

  • Melissa_So_Cal

    National City is near the Mexican border.. chances are she is here illegally but her children are US citizens… she was probably afraid she would be deported if caught.. her kids on the other hand would be ok.

  • guest

    I sure hope she was on drugs because if she did this sober they should chop her head off. I she was on drugs they should lock her up forever. Oh, and Chris Pruett, you're a douchebag.

    • sdf

      I will back up everything you said.. Mother should be decapitated and Pruett is a Douchebag…God Bless.

  • alan gretz only

    she MAY have been trying to escape a DUI… they're twenty thousand bucks these days…

  • Esco

    Putting her freedom above her own children, shows what kind of person she is. I hope her kids learn from this and don't grow up with those same values..

  • Guest

    You people making assumptions and bigoted remarks should be ashamed of yourselves. This story doesn't mention anything about this woman's race, citizenship or lack thereof, and the primary concern here should be the fact that her children among others could have been injured or killed. That fact doesn't change regardless of the theories you have regarding where this woman comes from and whether or not she "lives off your tax dollars."

    • guest

      @ the other "Guest"…..truth of the matter is there is a 90% chance that most of these comments are painfully accurate. Hate to pee on your rosey world.

  • guest

    Sounds like this particular midnight meth run would have been a good one to have left her kids at home.

  • Laurie

    I'm wondering….now don't hate me for suggesting this….but do you think she could have been running to get help?

  • DJESmom

    ok Laurie, go back and re-read this story. they tried to pull her over so she sped up? really? running to get help? the cops were trying to pull her over? what other help would she be trying to get? Please, inform us…

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