Callers report seeing small bear in Kearny Mesa

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Young Black BearSAN DIEGO — Authorities searched an area behind the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Wednesday afternoon after receiving reports that a small bear was seen in the area.

Both the San Diego Police Department and the Sheriff’s Department received calls reporting the bear sighting.

Police officers, Sheriff deputies and personnel with the state Fish and Wildlife Department  searched the area around 9601 Ridgehaven Court , which is south of Balboa Avenue and up the hill from the San Diego Charger’s practice facility on Murphy Canyon Road. They found no trace of the animal and the search was called off after about an hour.

Authorities concluded that the people reporting the sighting may have  mistaken a raccoon or a coyote for a bear.


  • Melody

    Tweakers on a good one seeing things. Apparently seeing 'little green men' are out and seeing baby bears are in. All joking aside, if there was a baby bear, I hope it gets safely returned to its momma before some idiot tries to hurt it.

  • Sheila

    I was there. We aren't tweakers and it definitely was NOT a raccoon! Raccoons and bears look very different, especially on a clear sunny day like today. And there was more than one witness!

  • Shanna

    Um, first of all, nobody from Humane Society came out….and how would they know it could have been a racoon?? For that matter, how would Jan Caldwell know….we were all outside…only SDPD and the news showed up…

  • Rhonda Cooley

    Coons should not be out during the day. If a person sees one during the day it most likely has rabies.

  • Padsnbolts

    Wow that's really amazing to see a bear at this elevation, bears typically live above 5,000 ft.. That's kinda the reason we don't have bears in our local mtns… But stranger things have happened

  • Gayle

    Please correct the grammar error. "San Diego Chargers' practice facility" – the possessive apostrophe goes AFTER the S.

  • Sheila

    First of all, the search is still going on. They are looking for traces of the animal, so to say they have found none and the search is called off is premature based on the fact I still see them outside looking! And as I said above, raccoons and bears do not look alike in broad daylight. Coyotes also do not look like bears. This "bear sighting" wasn't that far away from the witnesses to make that mistake. It is premature for "authorities" to conclude what we saw here while the search continues AND they weren't here when it happened.

    • Teresia

      I agree with you, several people cannot mistake a raccoon for a bear. I think the media does this just to down play and not get people panicked. I wasn't there but, I believe what you and the others reported seeing. They should continue the search leading down to the San Diego River, where the bear would look for food. I live a block away from the SD River and a lot of the area is dense, so an animal could easily hide.

  • Melody Newell

    I have seen racoons several times during the day in Pt Loma-near the trees are bushes where they live. So could have been a large racoon.

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