2nd hospital offers opinion for man on life support

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SAN DIEGO — A man on the brink of being taken off life support at a Chula Vista hospital is getting a second chance at survival.

After suffering complications from a weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Kesell “Queso” Macias ended up in a coma at Scripps Mercy Hospital in Chula Vista. This week, after nearly two months, doctors planned to take him off life support.

photo-6“He’s never going to get up according to them,” said Betsy Macias, sister. “But we know that he is, you know, miracles happen. Miracles do exist.”

The Macias family began fighting the hospital’s decision and searching for other options. Tuesday they found hope at University of California Irvine Medical Center, where Macias was transferred late Tuesday afternoon for a second opinion.

Macias is scheduled for his first doctor’s exam Wednesday morning. Since doctors haven’t examined him yet, they’re not commenting on his condition. The hospital did release a statement saying, “We believe that every patient is entitled to receive a second opinion.”

Betsy Macias said she is grateful for the second chance.

“It feels good that somebody else want s to give him a chance, look at his case, give us their opinion,” said Betsy Macias. “But once again we’re ready to fight for him, so if it’s not the opinion that we know we need for him we will look somewhere else. But I’m very grateful they took their time to give us that second opinion.”

Slowly but surely family members believe he is making progress.

“In the last couple days he’s been trying to move his head more to the side,” said Betsy Macias. “And, you know, every little step is something.”

No matter what the outcome the Macias family hopes their story will inspire others in a similar situation.

“I do want people to know they can do something about it,” said Betsy Macias. “When they feel that their family member or loved on is getting an injustice done to them.”


  • Jessenia

    My little brother was taken off life support 2 weeks ago and passed away. I want to believe that if he was in the US he would've received better care and another chance. Four months ago my other little brother was on life support and made it through. He is alive and well. We serve a mighty God. Miracles do happen. They are real! We were told that my brother that survived wasn't going to make it and he did! Follow God, He has the FINAL SAY!! Praying for your family.

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  • SD Nurse

    I am a healthcare worker and deal with people on vents short term and long term. We give everyone with insurance or no insurance the maximum amount of care needed. This happened in Mexico I dont understand why there is no hospital or care for him out there. Do they do this high level of care with no insurance out there? Then they come here and say we are not treating him because he has no insurance which apparently he wouldnt even still be alive if they didnt bring him here. I feel bad for what is happening and glad they are getting a second opinion but I wish people would look at the reality of things.

  • Guest

    UC Irvine provided its second opinion. There's no miracle that is going to fix the damage to his brain. I hope the family is arrested for this tragedy.

  • Guest

    Its such a shame border crossers believe they are entitled to the same health care here that hard working US Citizens pay for! These folks CHOSE to go to MEXICO for a HIGH RISK procedure and expect US medical doctors and staff to FIX a MISTAKE done by MEXICAN DOCTORS & STAFF. I rebuke that spirit of entitlement!!

  • Guest

    Who put those hideous eye glasses on him in the hospital bed? "Grandma, let us borrow your glasses so we can make him look retarded as well".

  • Guest

    Hey Betsy, the injustice here is that your parents not being arrested for letting him die in the car without getting any medical help. How could they not notice from the long drive from San Bernadino to TJ that he needed medical assistance?

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