NRA study suggests arming teachers

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WASHINGTON – As the gun debate rages on, the National Rifle Association has weighed in with a new study, which argues to arm teachers.

“The NRA is determined to continue to use every asset at its disposal to help make America’s children safe at school,” said NRA consultant Asa Hutchison.

gun at schoolThe 225 page study said faculty members should train for 40 to 60 hours before arming themselves in order to have a quick response to defend children against a shooter.

Vice President Joe Bidden said the idea is terrible.

“Giving teachers weapons is the last thing we should be doing,” he said.

While the NRA vowed to fight any new piece of gun legislation, sources said NRA staffers are working on the wording of certain new gun control bills.

Most serious gun control advocates said the current gun bill has been watered down to near uselessness.


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