No joy for many Padres fans as baseball season begins

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baseball-genericSAN DIEGO – In New York, the San Diego Padres  play the Mets  on Monday in their first game of the 2013 season, but in San Diego County, 129,000 homes — 22% of the pay-television market — will not be able to watch the Padres on TV because of the stalemate between Fox Sports San Diego and Time Warner Cable that has entered a second season.

Fox Sports holds the broadcast rights to Padres games. Four TV-service providers in the San Diego County market have signed with Fox but not Time Warner Cable, which serves the northern stretch of the city and its suburbs.

Both sides say they’re willing to negotiate but there is no sign of movement.

Fox says it has offered Time Warner the same deal that the four other vendors signed. Time Warner says the price is too high, particularly when the Padres last season had one of the largest drops in viewership of any major-league team.

Mayor Bob Filner has suggested that if enough Time Warner Cable customers switch to other providers, the New York-based company will get the message and sign with Fox Sports.


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  • Ray Crowley

    I do not feel sorry for any of those fans on Time Warner… it was only a few short years ago that those of us who are DirecTV customers could not see any of the games due to Cox Channel 4 owning the rights and not selling the games to Satellite Providers. That went on for many years, and as a San Diego resident, I was very frustrated to not be able to view any of the games unless they played on Saturdays (on Fox) or Sunday nites (when ESPN would show them possibly). It’s amazing that when a local politician makes a big deal out of it, it receives a news worthy article, but when the regular citizen has a legitimate gripe, their dilemma falls on deaf ears.

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