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Attorney: Lipstick Bounty Hunters put public at risk

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego attorney claimed some women bounty hunters went too far and tried to make a name for themselves, at the expense of his client.

Dan Gilleon said his client plans to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against “Lipstick Bounty Hunters,” a statewide company with an office in San Diego.

Video posted on YouTube, by Lipstick Bounty Hunters, shows three women dressed in pink T-shirts storming into a Huntington Beach Arby’s restaurant on March 15, 2013.

They were there to capture 35-year old Daniel Duvall, a criminal with a lengthy history.

Duvall said he did not know who the women were or what they wanted.

“I didn’t know what to do,” said Duvall.  “I put my hands up, and walked toward the door.”

When he did not surrender, the video showed the women attacking Duvall with a taser, pepper spray and a rubber bullet gun.

“They shot me with a rubber bullet point-blank in the eye twice,” said Duvall.  He said the incident has left him partially blind in his right eye, and more than a week later,  he is unsure if the vision will come back.

Duvall’s attorney said the motive behind the dramatic attack is Lipstick Bounty Hunters desire for a reality show.

“They’re really trying to become the next Dog Bounty Hunter, that’s what this is really all about,” said Gilleon.  “They’re exploiting a class of people, criminals, who people don’t really care about.”

“We have been doing this since 1999,” said Teresa Golt, owner of Lipstick Bounty Hunters. “We video tape every single incident, every capture, every arrest, for liability reasons.”

Golt said they were hired by a bail bondsman to revoke Duvall’s bail for supplying false information, among other things.

Duvall accused Lipstick Bounty Hunters of endangering the other people in the restaurant on the day of the incident.

But Golt said she stands by their actions on that day.  She said they used non-lethal weapons that do not ricochet or bounce.

“They were not dangerous to anybody even sitting next to him,” said Golt.

Gilleon said he will file Duvall’s lawsuit on Tuesday.


  • Johnny

    Holy Cow. Never have I seen such trash. I looked them up on YouTube after reading this article. What a bunch of shrill harpies. I think their days are numbered.

  • guest

    All of a sudden a criminal is concerned for other citizens. He's just pissed because he got caught by girls.

    • Traci R

      He is not pissed because he got caught by the girls. He didnt get caught. he is pissed because he has lost vision out of his eye. They did not tell him who they were. He responed like any other human being would respond in a threating situation like that. It's called "flight or fight" Here is the definition .A physiological reaction in response to stress, characterized by an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, elevation of glucose levels in the blood, and redistribution of blood from the digestive tract to the muscles. These changes are caused by activation of the sympathetic nervous system by epinephrine (adrenaline), which prepares the body to challenge or flee from a perceived threat.

    • DerkThunder

      Does it really matter if the criminal is concerned for the other citizens or not? Either way it doesn't change the fact that the bounty hunters put the public in danger.

      Should the people in that restaurant need a criminal to be genuinely concerned for their safety in order to make it wrong for bounty hunters to shoot up the place with rubber bullets during their meal?

      What does the criminals feelings have to do with that anyways?

    • Steve B

      No he is pissed because these dumb bitches blinded him. Maybe if they would have said you are under arrest and not just grabbed, tazed and shot him in the face he would have at least known what was going on.

  • Shawn

    As I have little sympathy for a criminal and love to see them get justice served upon them I have to also say though that this particular fugitve recovery team makes a bad name for those of us wanting to keep things professional and tactically sound.

    After watching their entire YouTube series it's painfully obvious that their actions reflect a desire to score a reality show in the U.S (if I remember correctly they are already televised overseas) like Dog the Bounty Hunter (another character I don't care for).

    As it goes normally for most reality shows the focus ends up being on drama, flare, and action over substance and in this case professionalism!

  • Traci R

    When watching the video on youtube you have to be over 18 to see it. Youtube did this for a reason..(due to graphic nature) this should be the first clue that what these girls did was wrong and over the top. Lipstick states that The subject provided false information? That is untrue. They treated him him like he was a wanted fugitive which he was not a fugitive at all. As for the customers at Arbys all I have to say is that it's is sad they had to witness this. It is a good thing for Lipstick that there was not a person in there that had a gun. .The way that woman ran in there ( the one with the brown hair) with what looks to me like a gun she is lucky that she didnt get shot. The Huntington Beach Police department just killed a 20 year old man because he pulled out what they thought was a gun and was later to be determined as a "replica firearm". These women need their licenses revoked for public safety. They are only doing their job because they want a Tv show. they are doing this at the expense of public safety.

  • Dan Gilleon

    Fox 5's story was mostly accurate except for a statement by an anchor at the beginning, not in this report, that my client "skipped bail." This is not true. There was no legitimate reason whatsoever for the attempted arrest. No false information was provided, as the lipstick warriors repeatedly contend. They did this to promote themselves thinking no one would care about my client.

    • DerkThunder

      As an average law abiding citizen with no record at all let me say that I was disgusted and appalled by what happened to your client. If he did something wrong he should have to answer for it in court, not to wanna-be TV stars with rubber bullets dishing out vigilante justice.

      I hope you take these Harpies for everything they have. They clearly don't care about public safety or about safely apprehending suspects without violating their rights.

      Just a tip, I would highly suggest that you download a software called "Freemake Video Downloader" and use it to download and save all the videos on their YouTube channel before they have a chance to remove them. You might need the videos in court and you don't want to give them the opportunity to keep them from you.

      This video in particular perfectly demonstrates their true motives for staging confrontations like that (scoring a reality show) . watch?v=4BHaAj6KXB0

      Good luck.

  • Jim

    It seems they want Dog the Bounty Hunter spot on TV so bad that there professionalism no longer matters and the only spot they get on TV now is the 6 o'clock news of them going to jail themselves.

    • Shawn

      Absolutely brilliant rename, their desire to make millions in a reality show gig is clearly showing itself in the way they conduct themselves! Then again on another forum someone did a good job digging up their history which in itself is not too pretty and demonstrates their thirst to make money by any means necessary usually leaning on unprofessional and borderline illegal!

  • mrgdogncbd

    these are overweight pigs,with no sense of any training at bounty hunter would let this go as poorly as it did,and injure the person from being tased in eye.clearly the so-called bounty hunters got in over their head and tried to to subdue a person which they should of never let him have any chance for escaping or being able to resist.very poorly executed and was not in any form of professional sense used to complete the arrest.i hope he gets a bunch of cash for their screwing up,which is on tape and shows they were not in control.

      • DerkThunder

        Ask yourself how much money it would take for you to allow someone to shoot you in the eye point blank with rubber bullets, twice. And that's the amount of money that the lipstick retards should pay to Duvall. So when you think about it that way 10 million is probably low balling it, as I wouldn't agree to that for any amount of money, not even 100 million (because my eye-sight is priceless to me).

        And if the legal system decides that Duvall needs to be punished for his other actions then let it be. But just because someone is a criminal or out on parole doesn't give bounty hunters the right to blind them for no reason. Justice needs to apply to the lipstick bounty hunters the same as Duvall. And weather or not Duvall has committed separate crimes doesn't absolve the lipstick bounty hunters for blinding him.

        By the way I find it funny that you say Duvall was notified the night before that his bond was revoked. So according to you Duvall knew his bond was revoked, but still showed up for the meeting with the bounty hunters? Maybe because he wasn't planning on running or fighting. After all he did show up right? If they had given him a chance to surrender peacefully he probably would have. But we will never know because he wasn't given that chance. He wasn't told he was under arrest or anything. He was just jumped on tazed and shot out of nowhere.

        PS Tim, Denise, Michelle (all same person) why don't you come out and comment under your real name? Are you afraid to admit that you are actually involved in this case?

        Since you are the same person who replies from the official "Lipstick Bounty Hunters" youtube page it's only logical to assume that you are involved in some way. My guess would be that you are one of the fugly twins.

        Well again I hope you lose your lawsuit and have to pay for what you did.

  • SD Joe

    Wow….Pulling out a firearm (or something resembling a gun/firearm) in a public place like they did is unacceptable. Think of what went through the minds of innocent bystanders in the area. What is going on? Is she going to shoot us too?

    It sure looks like a handgun, and she sure isn't law enforcement. Wha a clown. Hope they get prosecuted!

  • Denise

    Why won't Duvall, AKA, BULLET, SURRENDER hImself to the jail..???????! ..The bail bondsman wants the bond. Revoked………

    • Tim

      I heard your client used a bad check to bail out with. And on a closed account..Is that true ???….A check on a closed account for $ 4000… is that a crime …?????….FELONY…..

      • DerkThunder

        Hey Tim. Why is your typing style and diction exactly the same as Denise up there? Probably because you are the same freakin person.

        Funny too how when I commented on the "LipstickBounty hunters" YouTube page I got a response from the official account using that exact same phrase.

        "Duvall AKA Bullet"

        The response on YouTube was also filled with the same exaggerated use of periods and question marks.


        You are only here commenting on this because you are involved in the case in some way as you are the same person who replied to my comment from the official "LipstickBounty Hunters" profile.

        Well FYI I'm not involved in any way, I'm simply some random guy who saw a video. And videos don't lie. I hope your bounty hunting license is revoked. You showed clear disregard for public safety and clear disregard for that mans rights.

        Furthermore your reasons for staging such a confrontation are highly suspect as it's completely obvious that you are trying to get picked up for a reality show. Anyone who does the slightest bit of research into you can see what you are really after.

        And even if that wasn't the case, you still don't have a right to go around blinding people for no good reason. And even if you DID have the right to blind people for no reason, you still let the guy get away! The freakin incompetence baffles me.

        I wish you bad luck with your lawsuit and hope you lose everything.

        • Michele

          Very mature of you……iI saw the complete 42 minute video…..I like the part where the Girls told Duvall his Bond was REVOKED at midnight on Saturday before the incident……

          Duvall must have. FORGOT………….

          • DerkThunder

            Why Michelle your diction is exactly the same as Tim and Denise. What an amazing coincidence that you all 3 type in blunt choppy sentences, with periodically CAPITALIZED words……….and OVER EXAGGERATED…….use of punctuations…. AMAZING!!!!?!!……

            Even if his bond is revoked that doesn't give you the right to jump on him and tazer him without so much as a hello. I've noticed on the video that when the tazer first goes off his hands are in the air and he's trying to surrender only you're too inept to realize it and calmly take him into custody.

            And just because you are packing rubber bullets instead of real ones doesn't mean you weren't putting bystanders in danger. Rubber bullets and tazers can and do kill people. When I was a kid someone at my school was killed by a BB being lodged in his eye and causing an infection.

            So to say you weren't endangering bystanders because the bullets were rubber is freakin ridiculous! If they are so damn safe then how did that guy lose his eye? That could have easily been some innocent persons eye in that restaurant.

            So yeah, you need your license revoked big time. And most importantly I hope you never get that TV show you are after. Never, ever, not ever! You're far too fugly for TV anyways, you make Beth Chapman look like a total babe.

  • Byron

    It troubles me that any bounty hunter would go around videotaping their work. One might say a video might protect a recovery agent in the event of a law suit; however, a recovery agent should never be fearful of a law suit when they do their job competently, and professionally.

    Had the lipstick girls acted professional, they would have captured their mark, without incident, because if the information I have received is correct, (A) the suspect did not jumped bail on the bondsman. (B) There obviously was no outstanding warrant, therefore he could not really be classified as a fugitive from justice. (C) He had no idea his bond was revoked by the bondsman, consequently, he would not have felt threathened by three females simply walking up to him, identifying themselves, controlling the scene, and place him under arrest.

    The videos of the female bounty hunting team on Youtube trouble me greatly, because, as many other commenters' clearly pointed out, they obviously are after a U.S. based reality T.V. show. The names of these so called reality shows are misnomers, and should be changed, because none of them are really, reality. Many are geared to capture the emotions of unsuspecting T.V. audiences with dramatized, and sensationalized versions of the truth.

    Television stations should refrain from televising these trash shows, including “Dog the bounty hunter,” which is a bunch of rubbish, and certainly not real.

    In my eleven years as a bounty hunter, AKA fugitive recovery agent, I have captured approximately nine hundred bail jumpers, in many instances, on my own. I have worked with the San Diego Police Department’s Fugitive Apprehension Unit (now disbanded), agents from the U.S. Marshall’s Service, the Federal Warrant Task Force, and police agencies in other states. Of those captures, only once has an arrestee attempted to take me to court claiming his rights were violated.

    Fortunately, I had the benefit of several San Diego Police officers as witnesses on hand, to dispute his claims. The case never made it to court.

    I have been honored by the San Diego Police Department, for my work as a Bounty Hunter AKA Fugitive Recovery Agent, and commended by the San Diego Sheriffs’ Department, and other law enforcement agencies across the state.

    I no longer actively go out after skips, except my own, but would be interested in finding out whether or not the lipstick girls had the proper documentations, and authorization as defined in the California Fugitive Recovery Act.

  • J. Wenkins

    Dan Gilleon is aiding and abetting Daniel Duvall in hiding from lawful authorities.

    Here's a question for you, Dan Gilleon: Duvall is also out on PAROLE in addition to being out on bond. He has a parole officer. And you are encouraging him to hide from authorities. WHAT SAY YOU, DAN GILLEON?????

    • DerkThunder

      LOL he wouldn't be out right now if the Lipstick Girls weren't so freaking incompetent. With all those tazers, rubber bullets and 3 women there to apprehend him he was still able to simply shrug them off of him, get in his car, and drive away. Yeah, real professionals.

      What if he was armed and was actually violent? The lipstick girls weren't even prepared to handle an obese guy trying to waddle away, much less an armed and hardened criminal with nothing to lose.

      They acted incompetently in so many different ways it's hard to count. What's worse? The disregard for public safety? The disregard for rights of the man they were trying to arrest? The motives for even staging such a confrontation in the first place? Or the fact that they were too incompetent to even get the job done and actually arrest the target after such a scene?

      Answer? All of the above. Take their license away before anyone else gets hurt.

  • Tim

    You are so right ……..Mr. Duvall, BULLET Is on active PAROLE. …..Why is he still out.????????……He is. Paroled by Calif then he picks up. 3. More. FELONY. cases and another GUN. charge. WOW……

  • JM-HB

    I don't care what the guy did or didn't do…can't believe they went into a place of business during business hours with what appeared to be a real gun…if the gun was hot pink, like everything else, it may have been a different story. That's unacceptable and they should immediately have their license (or whatever it takes to be a bounty hunter) revoked. Even a cop wouldn't do that. Total lack of common sense!!

    I live a block from that Arby's and am certainly glad I wasn't there with my kids.

  • Mike

    Handled unprofessionally, even if the circumstances called for urgency in apprehending the suspect. You don't storm a public restaurant where children may be eating (let alone innocent adults) yielding what look like real firearms and causing such a scene. To say your bullets do not ricochet is the slimiest, most disgusting excuse for poor behavior I have ever had the misfortune of reading and I cannot believe you actually had the audacity to use AND stand by it. I won't even get into how pathetic it is posting the same crap under several different names on here (disgruntled fan? company employee? who knows…) this organization deserves to be shut down and taken or every little penny it's worth. Send these fat asses right into unemployment…

  • john casey

    this operation has put the community safety at risk, and never should a bail bondsman put an individual back in custody for failure to pay the premium that is why the bar is so low for the Courts to assume that the principal has bailed out at the state rate. What even frosts my cookies more is that no one is up in arms that they went into an establishment as now the customers may have underlying psychological isssues from going into an eatery under the notion that incompetent bounty hunters are overstepping the civility of their occupation. Either assurance appearances (which no one cares what happens from the jail to the court) or get out of the field.

  • Wayne

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    Total lack of training these so called BEA have no knowledge of public safety after seen this video if I was their lead supervisor I would pull their license down. lack of tactical training this type of BEA is what gives the industry a bad rap for the real BEA out there that are real certified by the state and DHS including local LE agency is totally unacceptable as a BEA I would refuse to walk with these so called agents to a near by toilet what a bunch of shiet heads they need to be sent back to school to learn the history of the 4th on the penal law.

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