Local unemployment falls to lowest point in 5 years

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SAN DIEGO — The unemployment rate in San Diego County last month was 8 percent, the lowest figure since December 2008, the state Employment Development Department reported Friday.

February’s rate compares to an adjusted 8.6 percent in January and 9.4 percent in February 2012, the EDD said.

The agency said the statewide unemployment rate was a seasonally unadjusted 9.7 percent last month, while the U.S. figure was 8.1 percent.

Job growth in the past month was seen in restaurants and bars, which added more than 2,000 jobs; administrative and employment services and state government, according to the EDD.

The retail sector, however, lost 2,400 positions, according to the EDD.

About 128,600 San Diegans were without work last month, out of a civilian labor force of 1.6 million. Nearly 21,000 more San Diegans worked last month compared to January, the EDD figures showed.


  • Guest

    Really? And how are you going to tell your readers how you count the unemployed that have exhausted all federal extensions?

    • mary

      Yes, just because I can not collect unemployment anymore dose not mean I am working. No income over 2 yrs now.

  • real numbers, please


    Nothing more than spin! I personally know several people in So. California whom is no longer counted yet they are still unemployed (for years now). To those that have jobs, be thankful, and to those that do not, Keep sending out those resumes.

    The powers that be (barry and his minions) will keep you suppressed as long as they can.

  • Guest

    Same as counting illegal aliens, we had 12 million when Reagan was in office and we have 12 million now with Obama, what does the Government hire someone to count the illegals climbing over the fence? Our government couldn't pass 3rd grade math and here they give us figures for unemployment and illegals.

  • steven greenwald

    sales tax receipts in san diego are down 2%.. 3.5 centss gas excise tax and sequestration this city is in deep trouble greenwald 4 governor 2014 WE NEED JOBS ASAP!!!these jobsstats do not tell the reeal storey .. lots of skepticsm

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