Family battles hospital over taking man off life support

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photo-6CHULA VISTA — A Southern California family is battling with a Chula Vista hospital over removing their loved one from life support.

Kesell Macias is currently in critical condition at Scripps Mercy Chula Vista and family members said the hospital is planning to take him off life support on Monday at 8 pm.

His health problems began months ago after he suffered complications from a weight loss surgery in Tijuana.

“January 30, in the morning, he woke up vomiting blood,” said Betsy Macias, sister. “So they called up his doctor and the doctor said ‘bring him back over here. It’s something normal I can fix it.’ But on the way back, he had a heart attack so the ambulance brought him to Scripps Mercy.”

Now, two months later, Kesell remains in a coma. Betsy Macias said doctors plan to take Kesell off life support against their will. She said she was notified Wednesday.

“The first thing that came were the tears, you know,” said Betsy Macias. “And the shock for about less than a minute. And then I just got it together and I said no, you’re not going to do this.”

Scripps Health released a statement saying the hospital has not been given permission by the family to discuss the case. However, hospital officials did address procedures and maintain they are following California law.

The statement reads: “When we have a critically ill patient, we provide all the care and services that are appropriate as ordered by the patient’s physicians. The best interests of the patient guide our physicians and caregivers in these circumstances. We recognize that these situations are always extremely difficult and sad for the families involved.

When the patient’s condition indicates that a course of treatment is medically ineffective, then the physician may determine that this treatment should not be provided or should be discontinued. Under such circumstances other effective care is continued.  For example, when life-saving care is discontinued, we still provide comfort care and pain management.

One of the avenues available to the physician in these difficult situations is to seek the counsel of the medical staff’s bioethics committee, to which the physician can present the case for review.  The committee serves in an advisory capacity and may help the providers explore various options available to the patient.  The decision on the patient’s care is ultimately made by the attending physician.”

Family members disagree with the hospital’s decision and said they’re going to do whatever they can to find another option before Monday.

“We’ve all made him the promise we’re going to fight til the end,” said Betsy Macias. “And that’s what we intend to do.”

She said they are searching for another hospital or doctor that will take his case. She also said they’re praying constantly and relying on their faith in God.

“This is the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do,” said Betsy Macias. “For someone else to tell you that they’re going to end the life of your family member that’s not right.”


    • Right Buffalo Wing

      I think it was Obama who botched this guys surgery and he will be the one to pull the plug when the time comes. Then he will trip a kid in the hallway and masturbate with a crucifix. Impeach the devil!

      • yep

        Obama has nothing to do with Mexico's (or any other country's) medical procedures…. Did you read this article or not? I'm not an Obama supporter, but your comment was ignorant.

  • Guest

    What the family isn't telling you is the botched surgery happened in Tijuana. They were driving from San Bernadino to TJ to see the doctor that screwed up the surgery. On the way there, they let their family member die in the car instead of getting help. Now they don't want to accept the fact they are responsible. They are letting their brain dead love one lie in bed for 2 months like a vegetable. The family should be arrested for this crime!

    • Juan Valdez

      Yes. Go to Mexico for medical care and have the US taxpayers pay for their mess up. Send him back to TJ

      • J.Macias

        You're so ignorant. WHY would they send him back to mexico when he is a TAX PAYING U.S. CITIZEN. he has every right as you and every other us citizen here. Don't comment if you dont have any research or idea of the situation.

    • J.Macias

      Same goes to you! Get you're facts straight before you have shit to say. He was on his way to TJ because the doctor told my parents it was something easy to fix. My brother is NOT dead, hes very much alive. The doctors have NEVER announced him brain dead because a part of his brain is still active. and hes not a vegetable because if you did some research you would know a patient in vegetable or brain dead state does NOT have ANY movement and does NOT open his eyes or blink. The only crime here was the hospital deciding to take him off life support against our will because he didnt have life insurance.

      • Guest

        Take him back across the border and the doctor who screwed up his surgery pay for the bill and not US citizens!

  • mrgdogncbd

    this is what happens when you opt to have cosmetic surgery or any type of critical form of medical service done in Mexico just to save a few bucks.well this is the resulted outcome and nothing will be done to doctor in Mexico for his causing this person to lose his life from a service that was supposed to save him from dying at an early age from weight problems.the hospital has done all they can to save a person which isn't showing any sign of recovering from the incident in mexico which caused this chain of events.

    • J.Macias

      first do you research and then comment on MY brothers case. He is an american citizen, and he did NOT go to TJ because it was cheaper because it was the same price, but the doctor who did the surgery was highly recommended to my family. He pays his taxes just like every other american in this country so he has every right to have it used for his survival. my brother does show signs of life and recovery, so please don't talk shit if you don't know the full story.

  • Anti Bozos

    This infuriates me.

    Fat ass first generation mexican gets a cheapo surgery down in TJ,… the surgery is fucked up and the family decides to take him all the way back to TJ to get it “fixed”.. guy has a heart attack on the way, so they decide to drop him off at an american hospital.

    The guy is brain dead…. his brain is liquifying, it’s not going to grow back.

    So the family insists on keeping the body on life support at a HUGE EXPENSE to the US taxpayers. The doctors want to let nature take it’s course and the fucked up family of religious bozo’s raise all hell DEMANDING that his meat be kept alive.

    For what? It’s not costing them anything…. they’re all high and mighty as long as someone else has to pay for it…. IF they want to keep him alive, then LET THEM TAKE HIM BACK TO MEXICO AND PAY FOR HIS CARE.

    Our medical system didn’t do this, why the hell should we be the ones to pay for their mess? The guy is DEAD … GOT IT? D.E.A.D.

    Fucking idiots, they think that praying will do something… If there was a god and it gave a shit, he wouldn’t have been fat, or had a heart attack to begin with.

    Fucking 3rd world backwards people.

    • J.Macias

      First of all who are you to say there is no GOD??? if you DONT believe then thats your problem and I'm going to pray for you.
      Second the only IDIOT here is YOU!!!! He's not pronounced brain dead because he still have brain activity. He's not dead he's still alive. Hes also a US TAXPAYER so im sure he has every right for the hospital to pay for his expenses as you or any other IDIOT commenting stupid shit.
      IDIOTS like YOU need to learn how to get facts and research before you go off about his situation.
      EDUCATE yourself first then comment about my brother ok.
      also i will be praying for you, hopefully god finds you're brain!!

      • Guest

        Honey, eye blinking is not the brain working. That's just signal coming from the brain stem. Just like a chicken will still run around with its head cut off, it's still getting signal from the nervous system.

        Now that you moved him to UC Irvine, do something good. Pull life support and donate his organs.

        • J.Macias

          how stupid of you. lol "signal coming from the BRAIN stem" i didn't know "BRAIN DEAD" people still send signals. you lack knowledge of my brothers case so please inform yourself first, and no we will NOT donate his organs, thats exactly what the hospital wanted thats the reason they wanted to pull the plug. Atleast UC Irvine is doing more to help him.

  • Anonymous

    My sister is in the same situation but she’s not on life support. When down to Tj did gastric sleeve and surgery was done wrong. her problem started 9months ago and shes still in the hospital :( I know is SUPER HARD TO SEE A LOVE ONE LIKE THAT. I truly hope that your brother can make it, god bless him and family.

    • J.Macias

      Thank you very much. Im glad you're sister is not on life support and ill pray to god for her recovery. GOD does exist and we've had testimonies from other people who have been in my brothers situation and are now awake, walking, talking and doing things on their own.

  • Jennifer

    Touching condition and hard for any family to tolerate such decision! I don't know how they've manged to keep up with doctor that decision but I think they should have tried any hospital for some more better treatment and ideas. Thanks.

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