Vacant AT&T building is magnet for taggers, transients

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SAN DIEGO — North Park residents and business owners say  a big vacant  building off of El Cajon Boulevard is a neighborhood eyesore with health and safety risks to boot.

AT&T owns the building on Arizona Street, but there are no employees and the parking lot is empty and fenced off. For years it’s been photoa target for taggers and all around there is trash and evidence of transients.

“The homeless people sleep there every night and they leave messes every morning,” said Jake Peterson, owner of a nearby store.

Peterson’s building is right across the alley and said when he gets to work there are often transients on his property.

“I’m not as concerned about the messes they leave on that property — but on my property, either myself or one of my employees has to clean it up.  That’s not what we had in mind when we opened the store,” Peterson said.

The vacant building is for sale.  The hope is a developer will see it as an opportunity to turn a nuisance into a neighborhood gem.

“Apartments or condos up top with mixed businesses on the bottom with restaurants, cafes, boutiques – it’d be something that could really re-charge the boulevard here and bring more development,” said Cuong Nguyen with the El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association.


  • dj9165

    Sad to see that building empty. Attended many training classes there in the late 70s and early 80's.

  • Realist

    Seriously though this is a major problem that must be addressed immediately. Therefore, I propose that someone should go into that abandoned ATT building at night and hack all of the bums to death with a bad ass sword, so as to be quiet enough to ensure that the other bums will sleep through the sounds of extreme death just long enough until it is their turn to fucking die by disembowlment, or decapitation, whatever who cares? I really hope that whoever does carry out the extermination of the vermin records it, so that we can all see it and fap to it. That would be awesome to watch. The faggotous bums would be all like, “oh noez” lmfao!!! It is legal to destroy bums, right? It’s not like they are worth a shit anyways, so they are considered to be cockroaches, right? By the way, fuck all of you faggot liberal enablers who comment against me. I hope you all fucking die of AIDS.

  • Realist

    We need an organized group of people here in san diego that goes out in the night doing good for the city by removing bums from existence. What a great idea!!!!

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