UCSD bans smoking

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LA JOLLA, Calif. – The right to smoke at the University of California San Diego and other University of California Schools will soon be extinguished.

cigarettesAll of the UC campuses, will be a tobacco and smoke-free by January 2014.

UC San Diego will go tobacco and smoke-free sooner,  starting September 1, 2013.

“This will contribute to a healthy environment for all staff, students, faculty and visitors,” said Karen Calfas, Vice Chancellor in charge of  wellness-related services at UCSD.  “Quitting smoking is the single most important health behavior people can change to improve their health.”

“I think it’s good,” said Carlos Auyon, a recent graduate of UCSD.  “I think it’s healthier for the rest of us that don’t smoke.”

Currently smoking is not allowed in campus buildings on campus or within 25-feet of an entryway.  But it is allowed in parking lots and on campus sidewalks.

“I don’t smoke,” said Shawn Messner, a student at UCSD.  “I think it’s wrong to smoke.”

Even so, Messner, who is a member of Young American For Liberty, said he is against the smoking ban.  He is more concerned with protecting an individual’s rights.

“I think it comes down to how I want to run my own life,” said Messner. “How you want to run your own life.”

Calfas said enforcement will be educational in nature, not punitive.

“If we see someone breaking the new policy on campus, people will be encouraged to let them know about the policy and ask them to comply,” said Calfas.

According to a study done in 2010, 14-percent of UCSD students smoke.  Mike Valencia is one of them.  He said he doesn’t think the ban will work since smokers already ignore smoking regulations on campus.

When asked if the ban would stop him from smoking, Valencia laughed and said no.


  • KDalo

    I support what they are trying to do, however the Hospitals banned it over a year ago and it hasn't stopped anyone from doing it where ever they want, even the patients cross the street pulling their IV poles to go smoke. I would be happy to comply with the ban if the UC system can get our insurance to cover medication or patches to help us quit. Seems to me that someone who has never had an addiction like this doesn't have a clue on how to quit, or how hard it is to quit. My doctor has told me several times that it is actually easier to quit Heroin, then quit nicotine. As of right now the only thing they do for us is tell us to call 1-800-No-Butts. and the medication or patches are so expensive that an average employee can't afford it. How about a little help UC?

  • Connie

    I quit three times. I found that you had to repeat Three Magic Words over and over and over again until you get it. The Three Magic Words are: "I don't smoke" You can't quit by tapering down or using patches. You just have to wake up one day and say, "I don't smoke"

  • John R. Polito

    Free sample packs, industry sponsored nightlife and concerts, college freshmen had become super easy prey for an industry in need of replacing the 400,000+ addicted customers it kills each year. While liberty concerns are justified, so too is sending a powerful message to new students that experimenting and toying with nicotine addiction isn't an ice breaker for meeting new friends on campus. It's unhealthy, deadly and shunned. If hooked and wanting to be free, key is mastering the "Law of Addiction."

    There's just one rule, it's that nicotine dependency is as real and permanent as alcoholism, that when trying to quit one equals all, lapse equals relapse, that one will always be too many, while thousands never enough. Baby steps, yes you can!

  • Technocrat

    Technology solved this problem 5 years ago: ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES.

    Electronic Cigarettes heat and boil (not burn) a simple solution of nicotine, flavour, and propylene glycol (PE) or vegetable glycerine (VG).

    PE / VG has been in every nightclub smoke machine for the past 50 years. PE / VG was misted into the air of hospitals to make airborne pathogens fall out of the air, and no nightclub goer or hospital worker ever got lung disease from it. But the corrupt FDA won't let E-cig makers say that E-cigs are 'safer' or healthier because there have been no studies done yet (and there never will be).

    All the nicotine you want. Any flavour you want. No burnt chemicals with over 600 know carcinogens, and substances that have been used on people for over 100 years. Lastly, after the initial startup costs the annual cost comes out to about 2$ a pack. That works out to about 1000$ to 2000$ a year (depending on the cigarette taxes in your state).

    If all that weren't enough, you can E-smoke ANYWHERE (I would suggest getting one that does NOT look like a cigarette, but rather a pen). No smoke, no smell on your fingers, no sitting out in the cold, no dirty looks. You can even E-smoke in your cubicle and your co workers will smell NOTHING. Even if you blow it right in their faces they would only notice the flavouring for a second or two, and the flavouring can be anything you desire, like coffee, mocha, apple pie, or you can go traditional with menthol or 'simulated' tobacco (that has no tobacco at all).

    Do yourself, your family, and your wallet a favour and at least investigate E-Cigarettes.

  • M of SD

    Just another liberal theft of our rights… because they MUST protect us from ourselves – we are obviously not intelligent enough to make up our own minds. Where's the reset button on these thieves?

  • Paul Felix Schott

    Remember in August of 2012 The Tobacco Industries Control on ARE Federal Judges.

    This is what i added to the news back then………….

    More then a Half a million DIE each and every year from cigarettes.





    Lets keep making more people sick that will really help health cost in America and around the world right?
    Number one cause of death in the world Cancer number one cause of Cancer Smoking, Pollution and Artificial Food Additives. America leads the world in putting this sick stuff in our food. Number two cause of Death in the World Lack of food and safe drinking water, very soon to take first place.

    Teach your young to be strong, good, help others and read the BIBLE. As did are fathers of this Nation did.

    Do not follow the wicked to hell.

    The Lord’s Little Helper
    Paul Felix Schott

    soon to be very sad for appeals court on
    Judgement Day when all that ever lived on Earth stand before our LORD GOD.


    In all Nations on this Earth they need JOBS not more Taxes and Wars.

    SOLAR ENERGY and Renewable Energy the way to go.

    United We Will Always Stand in GOD We Trust

    George Washington and Johann Paul Schott 12/24/1776. 3:45AM

    In GOD We Trust
    The United States of America’s Motto July 30, 1956.
    King David’s Motto 3,000 years ago.
    Soon all the World will Pray to Our Lord GOD and Savior Jesus Christ.

    United We Will Always Stand in Our Lord GOD and Savior Jesus Christ We Trust
    True Americans
    True Patriots

    GOD Bless
    and May HE Guide you all.

  • Amy Stuart

    I believe in individual rights. I believe that no individual has the right to exhale tobacco smoke where I can inhale it.

  • proud smoker

    How stupid and all these comments you people should be ashamed of yourselves! 1st smoke rises not spreads a simple solution of smoking areas won’t effect any second hand smoking especially when it’s outside! 2nd who are you to go around and tell people to quit smoking cause its bad for their health then force them into it! You don’t want to smoke then don’t! You don’t have to worry about a smokers health. Let him worry about that! “I don’t smoke and I think it’s wrong to smoke” is the same as these bloody vegans who force you not to eat meat saying “I don’t eat meat cause its wrong and I don’t want to harm animals” and yet recently on the news a Vegan mothers child died from lack of vitamin a and other things the body needs and can only get from meat. You all have your believes, your opinions, even your addictions (coffee, junk food etc) we smokers don’t butt into your life and the way you live it! So please return the favour and just let us smoke, at least outside in specific smoke areas. DON’T WORRY THE SMOKE ISN’T GOING TO FOLLOW YOU AROUND. seriously… how dare you

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