City Council to reconsider ‘double dipping’ issue

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SAN DIEGO – City officials are facing a vote that could allow former council members to receive a pension and a salary at the same time.

Mayor Bob Filner wants to ease the regulations allowing former city council members to work full time for the city, while also enjoying the fruits of retirement.

city-council-sd-11-sealFilner tried to hire former city councilwoman Donna Frye, but ran into a snag when he realized city codes prevent retired pension recipients to work more than 90 days.

The mayor wants to give city council members a pass on the “double dipping” issue, which is a dreaded idea that taxpayers have worried about for the last few years.

Newly elected city councilman Scott Sherman said the idea of treating politicians differently from other employees is “out of touch with voters.”

“Filner’s plan would allow politicians (and only politicians) the ability to retire, start collecting a pension and then go back to the city through a ‘re-employment program’ to begin drawing a full salary,” he explained.

Sherman said no one should get into city government to get rich off of taxpayer dollars.


  • djweideman

    Enjoy your choice, San Diego. Everyone knew what a corrupt slimebag Filner was, yet you voted for him, anyway. Yet another reason to leave this state. California has fallen so far. Bell, Stockton, San Bernardino, soon Los Angeles, then San Diego.

    You say you want better politicians, yet you keep voting the same ones back in office. You've already given up. Semper Vigilans, indeed.

    • Fred

      Filner is the lesser of two evils, Dmaio would have been worse!

      Look at what he let his partner and friends do to the lily pond in Balboa Park. They should have been forced to pay for the cleanup.

  • Tricia

    Don't be absurd, DeMaio had an excellent plan for reforming pensions so the city to get thins fiscally solvent and so our government could start spending on things it's supposed to like fixing roads and keeping libraries open. With Filner we are moving back to the pit of union corruption, higher taxes, inept government and more bureaucracy. Gee what a surprise!

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