SDSU students launch job match site

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SAN DIEGO- Dating websites are a popular way for couples to meet. Now a group of San Diego State students are applying the same formulas to the business world, by matching recent grads with the right jobs.

Getting a job is the No. 1 priority for graduating seniors like Gregg Anderson. Unfortunately, many graduates hit the same obstacle on the road to employment.

“A resume for an undergraduate doesn’t necessarily showcase all of the skill sets that they have,” Anderson said.

Anderson and his classmates go online to connect with friends and find love, but now they’re using the same formulas to find jobs.

They’re launching, an online platform that connects recent graduates with the right companies and vice versa.

It’s kind of like the E-Harmony of employment. Students create a profile and the site uses its algorithm to match them with a job that’s right for them.

The site is also a good deal for employers. On average, it costs employers thousands of dollars to fill an entry-level job and many times those employees don’t stay long.

“We’re allowing [students] to create more than just one sheet of paper showing their skills,” Anderson said. “We’re actually allowing them to create a comprehensive multimedia portfolio.”

The SDSU Zahn Center for Engineering Innovation helped the Jobioz team get the ball rolling, but they still have a long way to go.

The students are trying to raise $30,000 for development costs and they’re using an innovative way to raise the money.

It’s called Crowd Funding; start-ups reach out for donations instead of giving up equity in the company.

If you donate $50 you’ll get a homemade cheesecake and the students are even selling advertising space on their graduation caps.

“Crowd funding is a really big trend right now in entrepreneurship,” Jobioz spokeswoman Samantha Afetian said. “It’s not only a way to validate your business model, but also a way to get people to know what you’re doing.”

The starts its first phase of testing this week and there will be a bigger public launch next month, just in time for graduation.


  • Tom

    This site is like what many recruiting firms already use. The algorithm gives a percentage of "compatibility" with respect to the resume, location, pay scale, etc; and students don't have to do any work because recruiters are compensated with the highest salary for their clients! Great idea though.

    However, there is already a site that showcases our true identities extremely well and gives us the ability to collaborate with other like-minded communities across the globe and get recruited! Facebook, Google, Goldman Sachs, and other top firms are on there searching for talent. Good luck everybody!

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