Ryan Gosling’s Jacket — It Can Be Yours!

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red jacket photo

Ryan Gosling, as stuntman Luke, wearing the red leather jacket.

I think it’s fun to collect movie and music memorabilia, although the many things I own aren’t on display. I don’t have a big enough place to turn it into a Planet Hollywood or Hard Rock Café. That means my stuff sits in my parents garage, which is used as my storage unit.

I have a few outfits that were used in movies. One of them is a gown that Albert Brooks wore when he died and went to heaven in Defending Your Life. The few people I showed thought it was a toga from Animal House.

I have a friend of mine keeps assuring me she’s going to give me a barstool that was used in Casablanca. Yet she’s been telling me that for years. She paid $50 for it an auction in the early ‘80s.

The only other movie critic I’ve heard of collected anything like that was the late Gene Siskel. It’s a well-known story that he bought the white suit John Travolta wore in Saturday Night Fever – his all-time favorite movie.

And how does all this relate to you? Well, you have your chance at owning a jacket used in a movie, and helping a charity at the same time.

The movie The Place Beyond the Pines stars two Academy Award nominees – Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper. Gosling plays a high-wire motorcycle stuntman named Luke. Maybe he liked playing the car stuntman in Drive so much, he’s going to keep playing them. Anyway, the red leather jacket he wore in that movie is going to be auctioned to benefit Variety – The Children’s Charity of Southern California.

Auction house Profiles in History (which one year brought the bunny costume and actor from Donnie Darko to Comic Con), will host the auction, starting Friday, March 29th. The movie will open in New York and L.A. that day, but we’ll be waiting a little longer for it in San Diego.

If you want to take a peek at the jacket, it’s on display until April 5th at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood (not the one in UTC). Don’t get any crazy ideas and show up with an axe. It’s a movie theatre. I’m sure they have cameras on it.

And don’t think you’ll get some 16-year-old usher into being fooled and letting you try it on before you bid. They won’t fall for that (don’t ask me how I know, it’s a rather embarrassing story I don’t feel like sharing).

If you want info on the jacket, here’s what I can tell you. It’s a Firstgear red leather motorcycle jacket with snap pockets at the front, black corduroy at the collar, zipper vents at both front and back with black leather in the vest, elastic at both cuffs and bottom, and zips to close. The lining from the auction item has been removed because of wear from extensive location filming of sequences in which Luke rides the bike.

Just describing that made me think of when my stepdad played Captain Smith in the second Titanic movie James Cameron did – Ghosts of the Abyss. He saw the original actors name written on one of the coats.

I also remember reading the Saturday Night Live book, and laughing at how thrilled Chris Farley was to wear a few of the outfits that had “Belushi” written on the inside seam. That being said, it doesn’t have Gosling’s name written anywhere on it.

The movie also stars Ray Liotta and Eva Mendes, and was directed by the guy that gave me one of my favorite movies a few years ago – Blue Valentine, also starring Gosling.

Variety was founded in 1941. It’s made up mostly of people in the entertainment industry. Back in 2005, they launched “Variety’s Kids Auction Program” which has raised over a million dollars auctioning off unique Hollywood items. Those include signed scripts and memorabilia, shirts worn by the cast of Brokeback Mountain, a Keira Knightley dress from Atonement, and the suit worn by Sean Penn in Milk.

I’m guessing Jay Leno would’ve been more interested in the 1966 Dodge Coronet used in A Serious Man, another of the items they auctioned. Since that movie had a car crash in it…I always wonder what they do with the cars that are smashed in movies. Surely somebody that likes Hollywood props would pay good money for a totaled car from a movie they loved.

One of my favorite movies of last year was ParaNorman, and they auctioned two props used in that.

If you want an item that will impress your friends – especially that guy that has the signed Michael Jordan jersey hanging on his living room wall – now’s your chance for something red and black worn by somebody famous.

The 3-day auction will have proceeds going to help inspire hope, and build a better future, for children with special needs in Southern California. As somebody that has been a volunteer basketball coach for the Special Olympics for four years…I always try to get people to support great causes like this.


  • Mr.BannerLGMS

    Boys and girls there is correct English grammar and incorrect English grammar.

    “I have a friend of mine keeps assuring me she’s going to give me a barstool that was used in Casablanca.”

    I have a friend of mine who keeps assuring me that she is going to give me a barstool that was used in Casablanca.

    …and if you ask, yes I’m a middle school English teacher, I just get really irritated when these critics don’t use proper grammar. They should be criticizing their grammar, not the movies, entertainers, musicians, etc. Besides I saw this movie last night and I was really impressed!

  • joshboardfox5

    Just a typo, Mr. Banner. I do have to ask, though. Shouldn't you have a comma after "Boys and girls" in your very first sentence?
    Class dismissed.

  • gar see ya

    I’m sorry to say, but I have to agree with the teacher. I been following your work for quite some time now and you always have misspelling and wrong grammar in all of your reviews. Starting to wonder if you even graduated high school. I was reading the review and thought I'd threw in my 2 cents.

  • Guest

    “Class dismissed” actually for you it should be the class is in session and stay after school if you can. I agree with the professor. If you’re going to criticize something then at least learn how to spell while you’re doing it. If I think a certain movie looks interesting and entertaining, I’m going to see it regardless of what some critics says and I thought this movie was a 10 out of 10.

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