TSA has surveillance video of wounded Marine’s ‘mistreatment’

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PHOENIX – Claims that a double amputee Camp Pendleton Marine was humiliated by Transportation Security Adminstration officers going through airport security in Phoenix set off a firestorm.  On Thursday, the TSA fired back and they released video proof.

tsa picThe Marine, who lost booth his legs to an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan, was traveling through Phoenix after a weekend of watching baseball as part of a charity event.

The claims were made by volunteer escort  Jim Philips who took a group of Marines to Phoenix for spring training.  Phillips said a TSA screener asked the Marine to get out of his wheelchair and walk, then asked the him to remove his prosthetic legs.

“He cannot stand up by himself, and I tried to explain that and they don’t want to hear it,” Phillips said. “Then, I said I’m sorry that has to happen to you and he just goes ‘you know what, get me the f outta here.’”

TSA will not release the video to protect the privacy of the Marine, who is still active duty, but they said the video clearly shows their officers followed procedure and that the marine stood up on his own.  And they say the Marine never removed his prosthetics and never filed a complaint.

The allegations came to light Tuesday after Congressman Duncan Hunter, fired off a letter to the head of TSA John Pistole.

“While I recognize the necessity to appropriately screen passengers I am concerned by the lack of situational awareness and respect among TSA officers,” Hunter wrote.

TSA has a program specifically to address how wounded warriors are treated at security checkpoints. It’s meant to make sure disabled military men and women are treated with dignity and respect. TSA representatives confirm that both their officers involved in the incident are retired military servicemen, one from Marines the other Airforce.


  • Kelly

    See here? It just comes to show our government is corrupted. Lack of respect of our fellow soldiers, women, children, and the disabled. It is disgusting and it makes me sick to my stomach that this kind of thing happens everyday.

    • guest

      Kelly, return to school and learn the English language. I see nothing but your apparent ignorance. You need a complete sentence, dearie. And learn to read properly. You remind me of my mother – read the first line and that's the whole thing… where are you from, so my grandchildren never live there!?

    • guest

      Wait a minute! Let me see if i got this straight. This volunteer escort from Phoenix, JIM PHILIPS went to the PRESS and made this allegation? Now there is proof the allegation was false.


  • Klaus

    Kelly… did you actually read this article at all? This was a FAKE claim by someone clearly with an agenda against TSA, a sentiment you obviously share. If you have to make your point through false allegations, it tends to invalidate your argument. See "boy who cried wolf"

    • Dan W

      TSA said the video clearly shows their officers followed procedure and that the marine stood up on his own. There are conflicting accounts for sure, but there's no mention of "fake claim" or agenda by the TSA.
      I would sugest you take your own advice re-read (or read) the article.

  • takyo

    Above me.

    No you guys are fools. Those TSA have nothing to do with government, in fact, they’re just dropout from high school and never take a education so thought they’re part of government or something happen in their heads then abuse their authority over citizens for their stupidity.

    • pack

      You're daft son. Working for TSA is a terrible gig made worse by nuggets like you for your self-rightous outrage. Probably didn't even read down to find out the two TSA officers involved here were retired military, did you?

  • Leo

    Well, you now assume that the govt is telling the truth? Why? Because govt always tells the truth? Have you seen the video?

  • cmb

    just when you think people can't get any more stupid, they prove us wrong every single time. we are a country of mostly illiterates. I don't know where in the u.s. they got their 'educations' but it appears they were moved through the system to get them out of the public schools before they turned 21. Kelly and Takyo are true idiots. Every single person I know who travels both domestically and internationally has no horror stories of TSA. My husband and I are frequent fliers – if we had to rate a city for the best TSA staff, it would have to be JAX. Or RNO. Or ATL. Or LGA. Get my point?? I'm also guessing that both Kelly and Takyo could not hire on with TSA because they can't meet the qualifications!

  • Hieronymus Bosch

    Bin Laden won. They have changed our lives. BTW what happened to Bin Laden. Killed and dumped at sea??? hahahahahah

  • The Truth

    9-11 was all a fraud–Everything therefore that rose out of 9-11 is a fraud as well, there are numerous videos on youtube that show the missle hitting the second tower, bldg 7 fell and nothing hit it–No plane was found in the pentagon nor in the field–TSA is nothing more than the expansion of the govt police state—There was no terrorist attack–The terrorists are Bush and Cheney–There were no WMD'S and the Iraq war was also all a lie—A lie that cost 1.4 million people their lives to enrich the two scumbags—You surely don't believe Osama is in the ocean do ya!

    • JSD

      The 2nd tower was hit by a plane. The video of that hit was on live TV since there were tons of news camera's filming the first one burning. I remember watching it.

    • Dave

      Not another conspiracy looney..the moon landing was fake, Elvis and 2Pac are still alive. The director of the CIA can't keep his mistress a secret and you want us to believe they covered up 9-11? You're giving the government way too much credit.

  • Dave

    I seriously doubt a TSA emplyee who was a former Marine would have allowed that young man, a brother Marine, to be treated in any manner other than with the utmost respect. Semper Fi.

  • guest

    I dont see why they couldnt show video with face scrambled like they do when they dont want people to see the person.I would wonder what they might be covering up.theres alot to not believe about our government.and as time goes on it usually proven they are not trustworthy.I will say not all government is untrustworthy but we need to do alot of searching to find truth and sometimes research some more.not all conspiracy thearies are falce and not all are true.be wise in what u believe

    • Bec

      WOW ! I have to agree those that have a beef with TSA must not qualify. I do however work for TSA and have a very god education. I have two degrees and would wonder about those of you who are bad mouthing TSA. I will not crawl in the sewer with you and rant about people or situatuions you know nothing about just remember karma will get you. As always you can go live in the Middle East if you feel they are so much better.

      • Bec

        Before any of you the look for spelling errors respond I will correct myself….sorry I just screwed up you happy happy time. god is good education

  • Jose

    To all concerned I am a retied T.S.A. Officer and would love to see the full video showing both sides before passing judgement! I did see many anomalies in the organization and "common sense" is something we weren't allowed to use. Also too many so called officers were just snitches trying to make themselves look good to the supervisors!

  • guest

    I am Osama and Barack Obama's men DID NOT KILL ME!
    I STILL LIVE IN CAVE —- HAHAHAHAHA american fools!!!
    Bush is coming to cave today to visit – we drink to missles!!!

  • tsabob

    Bob here from the TSA Blog. I published a blog post about the Marine Wounded Warrior. After reviewing TSA video (CCTV), interviewing and receiving written statements from all Officers involved, we found that the soldier was not asked and did not remove his prosthetic legs. The screening was done by the book and lasted a total of 8 minutes from beginning to end. Take a look at our blog post for more information.


    Bob Burns
    TSA Blog Team

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