Child molest suspect faces trial for shooting deputies

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EL CAJON, Calif. – A man accused of wounding two sheriff’s deputies, who went to his Lakeside apartment to investigate allegations that he abused his girlfriend’s daughters, was ordered Thursday to stand trial on attempted murder and child molestation charges.

Daniel Robert WitczakDaniel Robert Witczak, 30, who was also wounded during a 15-minute gun battle with officers, is accused of molesting the girls, ages 6 and 8, two days before the Sept. 25 shootout that left sheriff’s Detective Ali Perez and Sgt. Craig Johnson seriously wounded. Both are recovering.

Witczak faces 190 years to life in prison if convicted of three counts of attempted murder and eight child molest charges, Deputy District Attorney Damon Mosler said.

Perez testified that he, Johnson and other deputies went to an apartment in the 12700 block of Mapleview Street and he kicked in the door when the defendant didn’t answer.

“I heard a pop, my ears were ringing, my vision went out a little bit — like static on the TV — and when I gathered my senses, I was on the ground,” Perez said.

He said he was just inside the apartment, lying on his back, and bleeding from a significant wound to his upper arm.

He saw that Johnson had suffered a wound to his arm and heard him give the radio call for “officer down,” Perez said.

The deputy said he unloaded half of his 15-round magazine as a crouching Witczak peered out from his position in a hallway. The defendant came out again and shot him in the chest with a round that penetrated his body armor, he said.


  • Farnsworth

    I value life very much, but a child molester deserves way harsher punishment then a murderer or cop killer. Cops shoot and kill innocent people all the time (by innocent I mean choosing to shoot so wine who is armed with a knife, cell phone, comb or other device a cop finds threatening and then also the cases where the person is not armed at all) and the cops get justified homicide 9 out of 10 times. With that said, a child is completely hel

  • Farnsworth

    A child is completely helpless and logic would say that such a charge would carry stricter penalties. If cops were better trained (no offense to law enforcement, but I see pretty out of shape members… And this could be prevented if serving in a combat military position was a prerequisite to becoming a police officer) then the number of cops being killed or injured would drop dramatically. Does anyone agree? This scum bag would have served 15 years max had he surrendered peacefully and I see it as a blessing he fired on a police officer because now he is gone away forever.

  • Bob

    Farnsworth, you're an idiot regarding your cynical view of officers being trigger happy. You sound like a 19 year old college kid with no real life experience… And no I am not in law enforcement.

  • Bob

    P.S. I hope Witczak is tortured and killed in prison. The girls he hurt will never grow up to live completely normal lives. He has ruined more Ives than just the immediate victims. I've seen the result of such things first hand.

  • Farnsworth

    What’s your background that you know so much? If I was so unintelligent would I really choose Philo Farnsworth for my posting name? Of course you don’t know who he is though. You really think are legal system is fair? Aside from that the level of corruption in law enforcement agencies is overwhelming. If you are law enforcement you get special treatment and have a free pass to break certain laws. Officers have refered to themselves as being part of the worlds biggest gang. What makes you think they are so noble?

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