Cops pass out fliers in hunt for park killers

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. — More than two dozen officers and detectives passed out fliers at Libby Lake Park and nearby neighborhoods Wednesday to generate new leads in a shooting that left two teens dead and another two wounded.

Melanie Virgen and Edgar Sanchez were murdered at Libby Lake Park.

Melanie Virgen and Edgar Sanchez were murdered at Libby Lake Park.

Melanie Virgen, 13, and 15-year-old Edgar Sanchez were fatally shot in the Calle Montecito park about 8:50 p.m. last Wednesday, according to Oceanside police. David Garcia and David Rendon, also juveniles, were shot but survived.

The fliers passed out by detectives asked “Who Murdered These Kids?” — and included school photos of the victims.

After the shooting, witnesses said suspects in dark clothing drove off in a gray or silver 2005 or 2006 Toyota Tacoma or Tundra extended-cab truck, according to Lt. Aaron Doyle.

No motive has been disclosed. There was no “solid evidence” that it was gang-related, the lieutenant said.

“You have the obvious evidence at the crime scene and witness statements you obtain that night. But a lot of information is obtained through things like we’re doing tonight,” said Doyle.

The shooting occurred near a makeshift memorial for two teens killed in a gang assault nearly two years ago.

Anyone with more information about the homicides was asked to call Detective Mark LaVake at (760) 435-4872 or Crime Stoppers’ anonymous tip line at (888) 580-8477. Anonymous emails and texts can also be sent to  Information leading to an arrest could be worth up to $1,000.


  • Matty Robs

    i used to live in oceanside, its a beautiful small beach community that is mostly military and different ethnic cultural backgrounds, unfortuanly there has been gang/drug violence associated with it in the past and it was a hot spot for awhile back in the day, but Oceanside has one of the best narcotics & gang related task force. As a normal dude, an average shmoe who surfs/hangs there a lot, i have noticed a decrease in abundant gang activity, thought it still goes on; that kind that would make normal people nervous at least..its seems like its been cleaned up a bit, for the better. but its very sad, its heart wrenching for me to get online and read about juveniles being shot and murdered. hopefully, this wasnt some kind of "gang initiation" however, either way, its a heinous crime and I will meditate/pray and send some energy out into the world and hope the guilty culprits are caught, apprehended, tried and convicted if they are indeed guilty. the following may not mean much, but i do some true crime writing and investigation via (certian divine elements/physchic/logic/etc) case studies and I can imagine another juvenile being involved. if there is not evidence of a gang relation, perhaps the police should investigate (cell phones, text, social media) how these teens were related. I have these flashes sometimes, when i read briefs like this, scenarios pass through my head rapidly. you never know, but maybe a jealous underling (may or may not have a gang relation) shoots some other teens hes mad at in a park – theres always motive, just have to find it – or it could be an initiation of some sort. i dunno, i'm rambling now. I feel sad and have empathy for the family/friends who lost loved ones here. we dont want these types of crimes around here anymore, and its time the public becomes aware and starts looking out for each other. i have a good feeling law enforcement will solve this crime.

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