Murder suspect’s suicide letter shows devotion to sex ritual

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VISTA, Calif. – Chilling excerpts were read in court Friday from what detectives said is a confession letter to how a Fallbrook Marine wife was murdered in alleged sex ritual.

Killgore Murder Suspect“I wrapped the rope around her neck after burying her face in the pillow,” Sheriff’s homicide detective Suzanne Fiske said while reading defendant Jessica Lynn Lopez’s alleged suicide letter.

Lopez and two co-defendants Louis Perez and Dorothy Maraglino are charged with the murder of Brittany Killgore.

Fiske had located Lopez and Maraglino at a Point Loma Hotel two days after Killgore disappeared.  She also found a key piece of evidence in the case.

“I love you all and goodbye, Jessica Lynn Lopez,” read Fiske.

On the fifth day of the preliminary hearing, Fiske who found Lopez’s letter took the stand and read the letter to the court.

“The letter was also in three additional envelopes on the dressing room counter,” said Fiske.

The seven page letter was found the same day Killgore’s body was discovered in a rural area near Lake Skinner in Riverside County.  Killgore had been strangled.

“I do not regret my choice only the consequences, I die in honor,” read Fiske.

In the letter, Lopez told of Killgore’s death.  She said on Friday, April 13 Killgore had arrived at Perez’s home looking for her purse in his car.

“I saw someone peeking in Master’s car,” read Fiske.

That’s when Lopez wrote she attacked Killgore.

“I knew what I had to do.  I grabbed her ankle slamming her into the stairs, duct-taping her ankles wrists and mouth,” read Fiske.

Lopez then goes on to describe how she disposed of Killgore’s body.

“I dropped that useless waste of space off some little hill by Lake Skinner, I don’t know where exactly,” read Fiske.

Lopez’s letter had painted Perez as a hero and how ultimately she was protecting him from the crime.

“I want the world to know how you tried to pin this on an innocent Marine, who would give his life to protect us from our enemies.  Maybe now I can protect him from you,” read Fiske.

A handwriting expert also testified the letter was written by Lopez.  A digital evidence investigator also testified he found sadomasochistic images with all three defendants on Lopez’s computer.

The preliminary hearing is expected to wrap up on Monday, then the judge will decide if the case will move to trial.


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