Candlelight vigil held for victims of gun violence

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ENCINITAS, Calif. — Dozens of people attended a candlelight vigil Saturday evening to remember victims of gun violence.

Mayor Teresa Barth hosted the event outside City Hall.

“We really are saying enough is enough.  We have to stop the gun violence in our community,” said Barth.

Many of those attending wore green ribbons to remember victims and held pictures of some of those victims.

photoRicky McCoy held up a picture of his son Riquese who was shot dead last summer in East San Diego.  He had just turned 18 and was an honor student.

“Everybody has to take a stand against it.  That way we can fight it.  If not, it’s going to get worse and worse.  These are kids – they’re killing kids.  We have to do something,” said McCoy.

Organizing for Action, a group that formed from President Obama’s campaign, organized the vigil.

Organizers said their message is about common sense gun laws and not taking guns away from people.

“Not taking away the 2nd Amendment –none of that.  The sensible gun laws – just the restriction on the assault weapons which can mow down so many children and don’t belong in the hands of any civilian,” said Rhoda Quate, a volunteer.



  • law abiding citizen

    If they really want to do something then go after the gang bangers and criminals, not the law abiding gun owners. enforce the laws already on the books. They do not need to write new laws just to make some people feel better.

  • dew

    The problem is not guns it gangs and people control. If parents knew what their children were doing there would be less of them shooting each other. To blame guns and trying to pass more gun controls that wont be enforced makes no sense. Only law bidding people go by the laws the outlaws will still be shooting people and getting their guns illegally. Any new laws passed will have no effect on less gun murders or would have prevented the shoots that have already happened. Stop think about the end result will be once all guns or taken away. How will you protect yourself from the government that will be out of control. useing drones to kill anyone who doesnt agree with them.

  • Community member

    Background checks are a good, common-sense starting point. They have actually already made a difference in states where they have been enacted. Not enough, of course, but part of the solution.

  • DT from the Fee

    I'm so tired of this "gun violence" crap. If there is a crime where somebody is stabbed with a knife, are we going to label is as "blade violence"? How about "fist violence", "car violence", or "baseball bat violence"? And this is a Fox affiliate? Sounds more like an NBC affiliate.

  • Jake

    California requires background checks on all transfers and assault weapons and magazines over ten rounds have been banned in California since 2000.

    What happened in Sandy Hook is a terrible tragedy. A mother bought firearms legally and left them accessible to her mentally ill son. Absolutely devoid of common sense! I fear no laws could have helped here. And as a responsible sane citizen, I think it ridiculous to attempt to further restrict other responsible citizens due to obviously incomprehensible stupidity exhibited by others.

    We need to prosecute individuals who use illegal guns in crimes and require states to update their mental records databases to strict standards.

    I support universal background checks but assault weapons and mag cap bans have already proven to be ineffective. Evil finds a way. Ask any soldier or police officer!

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