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Teen stabbed in skull during Santee brawl

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paramedicsSANTEE, Calif. — One person was in custody and three people were hospitalized Wednesday after a brawl involving baseball bats, brass knuckles and knives broke out in the Santee area, authorities said.

Deputies received a report of a stabbing in the area of 9600 Marilla Drive just after 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to San Diego County sheriff’s Sgt. David Hale. Once there, deputies found a teenage boy with a knife lodged in his skull above his right ear, the sergeant said in a statement.

Witnesses told deputies that around five males armed with baseball bats, brass knuckles and knives had been in a fight in the area of Ryder Road. Hale said deputies then found two more injured males in the area.

The boy with the knife in his skull was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital, where he was admitted for observation after the knife was taken out, according to Hale.

Another male was taken to Grossmont Hospital and listed in stable condition with multiple broken bones and internal injuries, Hale said, noting he was struck by baseball bats.

A third male was also taken to Grossmont Hospital but later transferred to UCSD Medical Center, where he was admitted with non-life threatening stab wounds, according to Hale.

One person was arrested in connection with the fight, the sergeant without elaboration.

There was no immediate word on what sparked the violence.


  • Guest

    hey was this a cont of what happen at the SDSU resi Hall dorms? earlier in evening?
    typical low life..VERY low lifers..julio down by the junkyard.

    isnt this Lakeside?

    • Mark

      Yes – Guess Santee makes it more interesting due to ancient history of teen violence! Way to paint Santee as a Bad Place once again…

  • guest

    Its just sad how many people seem to have no value of life or seem to care about the consequences of their actions – my sympathies go out to the victims. Memo to THUGS: go throw yourself under a bus.

  • dave

    guess our real war enemies from other countries don't really have to worry about us We are to busy killing each other. All they have to do is wait till we all kill one another then take over.

  • WhiteTrashStud

    Yah brah we stomped those dudes they had it coming! Lets crack some brews and watch the MMA at my pad while we get ready to go to the desert this weekend!

  • Guest

    These people are deadbeats none them deserved this my homies is a good guy he didnt deserve to be stabbed

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