Local Catholics excited about Latin American pope

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SAN DIEGO – Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina was elected pope Wednesday before San Diego’s noon mass, becoming the first Latin American pontiff.

“The Hispanic community will be ecstatic,” said retired Catholic leader Father Joe Carroll. “He wasn’t one of the favorites, but he was the best fit.”

“It’s a shift from Europe to that part of the world where the majority of the church lives,” said San Diego’s Roman Catholic Dioceses Bishop Robert Brom.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 9.33.11 PMOn Wednesday, many Hispanic parishioners in San Diego said they were looking forward to a pope who’s native tongue was same to theirs.

“As a Latino, he can bring more of a Latino kind of side,” said one woman outside Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Barrio Logan.

Local church leaders are also looking forward to a pope known for taking the bus to work and visiting AIDS patients.

“Benedict was a theologian. This guys is a people person,” said Father Joe.

“It means the church is willing to begin thinking outside of the box and look at where they really need to go to preach the gospel in a new way,” said Reverend Robert A. Fambrini, S.J. “Something that will grab the attention of young people and those who have left the church.”

One San Diegan said he was worried over whether 76-year-old Pope Francis would have the energy to do the work needed and avoid retirement.

“I do believe we should’ve elected a younger pope,” he said.


  • Nene

    I'm sorry to say but as a Mexican American I was baffled by what father joe had to say on yesterday's kusi @6 p.m. interview. He just contradicted himself in this interview. Yesterday, he said "Do you know what will happen if a Hispanic or Mexican pope would get elected"? "This whole world, this whole city would be one big fiesta. They would be partying for months" "And do you know what would happen if an African got elected"? Everybody would be standing around like what now"?

  • yourstruly

    We are not all catholic so why do we need to have this televised all day on every channel? Since when did we all care about the Catholic Pope?

    • San Diegan

      I agree! It's not fair that we have to stand by and "respect" this religion who doesn't respect anyone else's. It's as if he's a celebrity when God himself that we shouldn't worship anyone else besides him. The way they worship and praise the pope seems like they contradict their Holy Book. Who cares?! He's just a man. A sinner. Just like the rest of us. God said himself, we are ALL born into original sin.

  • Mark

    The media is hyping up the fact that he's from Argentina, so he must be Latino. His parents are actually Italian, so there is nothing new here – except his name, and that he was BORN in Argentina.

  • basir

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