Campaign aims to curb St. Patty’s Day DUIs

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beerSAN DIEGO — The District Attorney’s Office Wednesday announced a radio and online campaign aimed at reducing the number of San Diegans who drive under the influence over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

The campaign, “Save Lives, Don’t DUI!” will be featured on online Channel 933 and Star 94.1.

Drunken driving arrests typically increase on holiday weekends, such as St. Patrick’s Day.

“By partnering with two popular radio stations, we’re targeting our message through on-air personalities who relate to their listeners,” said San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. “Our office prosecutes about 10,000 cases of driving under the influence every year. I hope this campaign will get people’s attention, cause them to think twice, take a cab or arrange for a designated driver … and maybe even save a life.”

Advertisements began appearing Monday on the stations’ websites, warning people against drinking and driving.

The Clear Channel stations also partnered with a local taxi company to provide coupons for $5 off a cab ride.

On-air mentions — including some from Dumanis — will remind listeners about the dire consequences of driving while intoxicated.

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  • thechurchofchrismartin

    Did you hear that, Suzanne LaTour? Bonnie cannot get you off the hook again like she did before when you went drunk-driving on 163 and crashed your car–injuring a man & totaling his car! Try and stay and home and get drunk this time because Bonnie wants to run again & does not need to remind voters of the despicable HYPOCRITE she really is!

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