Butterflies return to Safari Park

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. – Starting Saturday visitors at San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park will be able to walk through the majestic Butterfly Jungle.

butterfliesThe experience only lasts for three weeks, so people will get a short window to see the tropical butterflies in their very specialized habitat.

“Here in the jungle it’s always kept at 80 degrees with nice heavy humidity,”┬ásaid zoo ambassador Rick Schwartz. “These are very tropical butterflies, and in our garden we have lots of natural flowers that they can enjoy nectar from, and we have some nectar feeders around so they can enjoy supplemental food.”

Thirty species of butterflies are shipped in from South America and Costa Rica, and new insects will be released periodically throughout the experience.

Approximately 6,000 butterflies will fill the jungle by the end of the exhibit.

The experience is included in regular park admission and runs until April 7th.