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Big crowds turn out for Del Mar gun show

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DEL MAR, Calif. — It may be a record-setting weekend for the Crossroads of the West Gun Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, organizers said Saturday.

Organizers said they typically get a crowd of 12,000 for a weekend show in Del Mar.  They’re expecting to draw 20,000 this time.

Del Mar Gun ShowPeople showed up early Saturday and the lines were long.

“We waited seven and half hours in line today,“ said Nick Pinto, a Poway resident and gun owner.  “We started at eight o’clock.  I didn’t really get to look at the show.  I just waited in line – to get in and for ammo.”

Ammunition is the hot item at the gun show.  Gun owners are buying as much as they can because of shortages.  They’re also nervous about the heated debate over gun control.

“It’s getting tight with the restrictions coming down.  No one seems to know what’s getting ready to happen.  People are getting afraid of the government taking their guns away,” said T. Hardrick, a Rancho San Diego resident.

There was controversy leading up to the show.  Following the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, some Del Mar residents lobbied to have the show canceled.  Some wonder if all the attention helped make this weekend’s show even bigger.

“Publicity is publicity and we’ll take it.  If they’re going to talk about us they’re going to talk about us.  It might be good – it might be bad.  People who have never been before are coming to see what this is all about and if something might interest them,” said Tracy Olcott, vice-president of  Crossroads of the West Gun Shows.


  • cuprunnethdover

    If God wasn't ironic then we wouldn't have both the second amendment and the subsequent crazy people, which necessitates having the second amendment in the first place. Well, that and the assurance that the citizens must have the right and capability to fight a foreign or domestic tyranny; such as when someone becomes president and then rigs all subsequent elections to stay in power. Didn't Hugo Chavez do that? Could that happen here?. Anyway it's a two-headed beast we have to deal with if we are to have a republic with responsible citizenry, and it is those rights which give us the ultimate responsibility to work to insure our system of government is the most fair and responsive it can be. So why can't we be all this without guns? Well ultimately, he who has the guns has the power, give that away and we citizens give up being ultimately responsible for our nation being governed for and by the people. It's a huge responsibility. It means constructive thought then action must be given to address the current problems we have because of the crazies shooting up our country. Taking away the citizens' ultimate responsibility would be a concession saying we've given up, it's too hard to govern ourselves and the Big Experiment isn't workable in it's present form. So we must figure this out as a nation.

  • socal1200r

    CA has some of the most assinine gun control laws in the country, so it's no surprise that gun shows are seeing record crowds, and there's a run on ammo. My home is up in Ventura County, but I'm working out in Virginia right now, which is an open carry state, and a "shall issue" state for concealed carry permits, so you can imagine how different the gun culture is out here than out on the left coast. Certainly makes me wish that concealed carry permits were recognized in all 50 states, and that magazine limits didn't apply to those with CCPs, because it would be nice to carry around 45 rounds of 9mm like I can here in VA. That would certainly be enough to neutralize a threat like the Gabby Gifford shooter, or the Colorado movie theater shooter, or the Sandy Hook school shooter, or the San Ysidro McDonald's shooter, etc. But no, not in CA, where your fate as a private citizen outside of your home rests solely in the hands of law enforcement. No thanks, I'd like the ability to defend myself if I have to…

    • Amber McGlothing

      it's typical mass hysteria — 90% of the rabid type of gun owners are convinced more than ever that Obama will be taking away their guns once and for all and they are stocking up for their last stand. "The Government can have [my] gun — when they pry it from my cold dead hand [spit tobaccy]". :-D

      • socal1200r

        Mass hysteria? I don't think so. I don't own an "assault rifle", and personally, I would support a ban on a private citizen owning them, but that's just me. The 2nd Amendment, as adjudicated by the US Supreme Court, has determined that I have a right to own firearms, and I'm okay with that. Most of the responsible gun owners that I've talked to have no issues with a comprehensive background check, and even a waiting period, if it will prevent firearms from falling into the hands of those that shouldn't have them. Most of us wouldn't even object to some kind of ID being required or check being done to purchase ammunition. But criminals will always find a way to get them, and by outlawing them, only the outlaws will have them. When I'm at home and someone has forced their way in, I would rather rely on my own self-protection, than trying to call 911 and hope the police get there in time. If you want to roll the dice and call 911, that's your choice, but don't take away my choice to defend myself.

    • Komo_Reader_24

      Why would you need 45 rounds to stop one crazy person? Im scared for the other 44 innocent people in your crossfire.

      • socal1200r

        Better to have 'em and not need 'em, than to need 'em and not have 'em. You're assuming there would be only 1 shooter, but what if there were more than one, and they were shooting from more than one position? I also have a compact .45, which I carry 5 rounds in, and a 2-magazine pouch that I carry 5 rounds in each mag, so just one mag in my 9mm carries the same total rounds as all three mags in my 45. But to give you peace of mind, I'm actually more comfortable carrying my compact .45, with a total of 15 rounds. I figure if I can't stop the threat with 15 rounds of .45 ACP, I'm in a world of hurt, and once I'm empty, I better get the heck out of there…

        • Komo_Reader_24

          Actually its better to be TRAINED on how to use 'em, then to have multiple guns and 45 bullets. This way you won't need 45 bullets to take down one (or more) suspects and all those pesky innocent bystanders in your way of making Call of Duty a real life experience.

          And sorry any "compact" handgun is most likely less accurate so no it doesn't give me a peace of mind that you are carrying a firearm that is deemed less accurate while you deem it necessary to carry more ammo to apprehend a suspect.

          Your response has proven a few things: a) you carry a lot of guns and ammo and most likely have LIMITED experience in using it in a real life high intensity situation (going to the range and shooting at zombie targets doesn't really qualify). b) you are intent on carrying those guns to be a hero one day when multiple bad guys come out of the wood work and you need to prove your worthiness. c) I need to avoid you at all costs because if I'm close to you during an incident, I feel like I can get hit by one of your 45 bullets that you supposedly fired to protect me (innocent bystander).

    • Bob

      Good comment. Unfortunatley it's probably true. Being an 77 year old Westerner growing up on Indian Reservations and hunting since I was five years old, my feeling is that if a hunter? needs an assault rifle to spray an area to get his targeted animal then he needs to see a shrink. I was taught to only shoot if I had a good opportunity, never road hunt, never shoot a sitting animal or bird and use evrey possible/edible part. If hunters cannot shoot straight and hunt with empathy for their quarry then stay on the porch. Hunting is not about killing. Hunting is a learned experience and more young people need to understand that an animal is a a worthy adversary and should be treated as such. Respect the wild critters and better yet, hunt with a camera, which is what I now do. In closing, assault weapons should only be in the hands of military or law enforcement.


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