Woman says Christian college fired her for premarital sex

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EL CAJON – A lawsuit against San Diego Christian College alleges discrimination on account of gender, pregnancy and marital status.

Teri James, 29, said she was fired from the college in October after becoming pregnant out of wedlock.

sd christian college lawsuit allred“I was an unmarried, pregnant woman,” said James. “And they took away my livelihood. They stripped me of my dignity and humiliated me. I not only lost my source of income and my health insurance to care for myself and my baby through my pregnancy, but I also lost my career and my community.”

James said the school told her she was fired for having premarital sex.

The Christian College does require all employees to sign a “community covenant,” which is posted on the employment portion of the website.

The covenant states: “The traits that should not inhabit our lives are identified as abusive anger; malice; jealousy; lust; sexually immoral behavior including premarital sex, adultery, pornography, and homosexuality; evil desires; prejudice based on race, sex, or socioeconomic status; greed; idolatry; slander; profanity; lying; drunkenness; thievery; and dishonesty.”

“San Diego Christian College took it into their own hands to judge me for my actions,” said James. “I do not believe that this is their job but God’s. I do not believe that God would want me to be without a job or health care during my pregnancy.”

Attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing James, contends the college is a business and must follow state law in regards to discrimination.

“Although the defendant calls itself San Diego Christian College,” said Allred. “It is a business registered with the California Secretary of State. As such it is governed by the California Constitution and laws of California and we contend that it is not permitted to terminate an employee because the college thinks that pre-marital sex leading to pregnancy is wrong.”

Allred also questioned how the college would apply the rules to male employees.

“How would they know a man’s having premarital sex?” asked Allred. “The way they know a woman is having premarital sex is if she’s not married, and she’s pregnant and she’s showing.”

To complicate the matter, James said the baby’s father was offered a job at S.D.C.C. after she was fired. She said the school knew he was the father and, thus, that he had also engaged in pre-marital sex.

James is now married to the baby’s father, Brandon James. They are expecting a boy.

S.D.C.C. Dean of Administration and Finance Robert Jensen said the school is not commenting at this time and is going to let the legal system run its course.


  • Blue Rosé

    So, men get rewarded for premarital sex, but women get fired. I see sexism is alive and well in the Christian faith.

    • guest

      its not sexism its biased. how can they fire her but yet hire the guy who also did the deed. it takes 2 to tango. if SDCC is going to hold to standards they can't just change it. i wanted to work at a church but they never hire me.it shows its not what you know its who you know

  • Joshua

    Don't judge the whole faith for the actions of a few misguided individuals. There are people who profess to be Christians who are more like the Pharisees than the people Jesus intends us to be. I will pray for Ms James and her new family and for the administration of SDCC.

    • San Diegan

      It is seriously not ok for your employer to be telling you what you can/cannot do OUTSIDE of work. We are all adults of full mental capacity and we are all capable of establishing right from wrong.

      And "don't judge the whole faith for the actions of a few misguided individuals"? What about the HUNDREDS of catholic priests raping and molesting young children below 10 years of age and FUCKING little girls who are only 5 years old??!?! And these priests molest and rape hundreds of children and get moved to a different church district just to avoid legal prosecution where they continue raping innocent children of God. Thanks to our good old vatican and Pope– the protector of pedophiles.

      How can we NOT judge this whole stupid faith? Organized religion at it's best. Full of hypocrisy, full of lies, full of contraditictions.

      I'm sure if she said it was just an immaculate conception, they couldnt' fire her for that right? Supposedly, it happened before! Mary didn't get stoned to death for getting pregnant by another man other than her husband.

      • Janne

        And as you said, don't judge the whole faith for a few misguided individuals, with that said, not all Catholics are bad……if our church wasn't infested with homosexual men, then we would not be having this problem with what they call pedophiles, I call it what it is ……if you have a tendency to be a homosexual, you do not belong in the Catholic Church, sick and tired of these people invading every aspect of our communities…..not a hater, just seeing the truth for what it really is!!!!

  • Fred

    It is a private college and the skank knew the rules going in.

    Maybe she can get Allred laid or maybe not. :)

  • Rosepetalsdmc

    Organized religion of any name is filled with people. All sinners, but if they know Christ as their personal Savior, they are saved by GRACE. SDCC is not different than any other business or corporation that has codes of ethics in which all potential employees sign upon acceptance of employment. If you read it all and sign the document on the dotted line… You are held according to that document. Whether you agree with it or not. If you feel you can't live up to those code of ethics… Don't take the job and don't sign the document. SDCC had every right to uphold their standards and ethics as long as the the young lady understood and signed the paper for employment.
    As for the statement regarding the father being offered a job at the same place of employment, knowing he was the father… That is hearsay and has to be proven. We don't know if the person to hire him or offer a position knew of his involvement or not. I would say that if SDCC now knows of the involvement of the father, that he will no longer be employed per the code of ethics.

    You can kick around Christians and people of faith, but know that they are just people too… Just like you. If you would like grace, mercy, understanding and patience from them, then be the first to stand up and offer the same to them. Guess that goes with the Golden Rule.
    Mrs. James… You signed the paper and then you chose to break the document you signed, the consequence was termination of your job, not your faith. God will provide you another job. You, your husband and your baby are in my prayers. I know you are all in His hands.

  • The GameLord

    I'm only gonna say this once: I've been fired from Jobs 4 or 5 times during my lifetime. Each and every time it was totally unjustified. I never deserved to lose my job. But unfortunately, because I'm a man, it's never considered to be an issue. No really. Stop and think. When you hire a male employee: you can get rid of him for any reason or, for no reason.

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