Student vandalism caught on video

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NATIONAL CITY, Calif. –  Some students a Granger Junior High School in National City are in trouble.  They were caught on video trashing a fence.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 5.10.28 PM“I would fix it and it would just get busted off anyway,” said Anthony Giustina, property owner.

Giustina owns the home in the 2300 block of East 18th Street.  He is very tired of fixing his fence.

“In recent times, I’ve probably fixed it at least five to six times,” said Giustina. “That’s in the past month and a half.”

The problem has been going on for the past year.

“They don’t break enough just to get through, they break extra,” said Giustina.  “I think there’s at least 15 kids involved.”

So Anthony set up a series of hidden cameras on his property to catch culprits in the act.  He shared his video with FOX 5.  In the video, you can see a number of kids passing through the yard.  Then, close-up video shows a young male kicking his way through the fence and several others destroying the boards.

“They look really malicious when they’re doing it.  They’re doing it over and over,” said Giustina.  “I didn’t even know it was students until I started putting up the cameras.”Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 5.10.59 PM

The students were from Granger Junior High, located a few blocks from Anthony’s home.  The school principal told FOX 5  that 11 kids have been identified and the National City Police are investigating.

“If they want to prosecute, the school resource officer will put a case together,” said Sgt. Alex Hernandez.

As of Monday evening, six students identified in the video were arrested.  While the problem had been ongoing, police said it was the first time they had heard of the case.

“We’ve never received a call from him,” said Sgt. Hernandez.

Anthony said he wanted to make sure the vandals were caught, so he took matters into his own hands.Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 5.11.33 PM

“I didn’t call the police right away, because I really wanted to get a good image of their faces,” said Giustina.

“Ideally what I think people should do when they discover something is get us involved,” said Sgt. Hernandez.  “This is vandalism, clearly it’s vandalism.  The earlier, the better, so we can look into it.”

Investigators are still working to identify other vandals in the video.  If you have any information, please contact National City Police.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 5.13.20 PM


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