Are government cuts just scare tactics?

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San Diego, CA – The feds have done this before—warned Americans about doom and gloom, and then, never really delivered. That may be why many are wondering: is all this talk about cuts just hype?

“What they’re throwing out is scare tactics,” said San Diego resident Gary McLachlan, “it’s really for the masses but it’s not really necessarily true.”

With the deadline to avoid sequester about to expire, many are now saying the doomsday predictions of how the cuts will be felt are just another example of politics as usual.

“I don’t see our air traffic controllers being put out of work… come on?”

According to the man sequesterthat should know, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

“Tomorrow, twenty-three airports in California are subject to closing and air traffic controllers subject to furlough and over the next 30 days we will be announcing where that will be taking place.”

See how it’s a little misleading? Is it tomorrow or 30 days from now?

According to the airport authority so far San Diego is not on the list, but federal TSA security screeners are, that means travelers potentially could see a wait time increase by about 4 hours.”

“That’s going to trickle down not only in terms of government jobs, but private sector jobs.”

Tony Chernin is a Professor Emeritus at San Diego State University. He says the bigger issue is the uncertainty all this politicking causes in the private sector.

“The hatchet isn’t that sharp, it’s maybe a little bit dull and for that reason the impact isn’t felt immediately but it will be felt eventually.”

But what we will feel immediately is the slowing of investment and that hurts the economy.

“Markets hate uncertainly and the business environment hates uncertainty. They maybe won’t spend money, maybe they don’t hire somebody, maybe they do lay somebody off.”

San Diego congressman Scott Peters agrees.

“People lose confidence and that’s a gradual erosion that’s real.”  Said Peter’s from Washington today, “and it’s hurting the country and it’s hurting San Diego and we need to get back to work.”

The newly elected congressman of the 52nd district said he’s as frustrated as we are.

“Nothing is going on right now, which is unbelievable to me.”

And for the regular guy, just trying to figure out what it all means?

“It’s simply being rolled forward. They do very little and put it off for another month, then come back and play with it again.”

Still, the sun will come up tomorrow and only time will tell what the now infamous sequester will bring.

“This is not made up. This is not scare tactics,” said Secretary LaHood, “this is reality. We have to face the reality that we have to save a billion dollars.”


  • 4bolts

    The lay-offs have started at North Island for the contractors. One batch of contractors were told yesterday that today would be their last day. Others were handed pink slips on Monday. More to follow in the coming weeks. Furloughs are going to happen to federal workers. We will be provided a 45 day notice and have been told to start saving money and not purchase anything. Each employee will be required to take one day of unpaid leave each week, for 22 weeks. This is a 20% pay cut for each employee. Times that by two – when a couple both work for the government – and that's 40%. Anyone can figure out that money will not be spent on outside activities, only on the necessities – house payment, food, and utilities.

    And we have the added stress of watching our friends – the contractors – be laid off with no notice. Here today, gone tomorrow. Sad.

    • Mark

      Perhaps your arithmetics are needing some attention. If a "couple" (e.g. man & wife) are both working for the same location/entity (e.g. Federal Government) ) & both receive notice that for 22 weeks they will work one less day each week, the percentage of less income for that period will STILL be 20% – not 40%.

      Those two persons should thank their lucky stars that they BOTH have well paid employment with excellent benefits – even IF they may have a weekly one day furlough for a few months! So many of the rest of our population would trade circumstances with those people – in a heartbeat.

      The Feds are often bullies & frequently utilize their power to threaten everyone else (again & again) so they can get their way. They should be ashamed of themsellves, but they aren't.

  • silvereagle

    Meanwhile the holy one in Washington is going to send Syria $85 million dollars.Makes perfect sense to me.

  • Fedupwithit

    I find it so disturbing that tax payers are being bullied by the government over their own money. The first people who should loose their jobs are the congressmen and women, senators and Mr. Obama. You're the ones who are failing epically at your jobs and turning this once great nation into a laughing stock and circus.

  • Amy

    We all need to withhold are paying Federal Taxes in protest until Obozo the Clown and his three ring circus freaks in Washington can do their job. Dems in the Senate haven't passed a budget in four years? It is LAW the budget has to be in placed every year.

  • Mark L.

    All 4 major shipyard / ship repair facilities have issued "WARN" letters to THOUSANDS of skilled employees… hard to think of them as simply a scare tactic when I am one of about 220 at Continental Maritime that received one… it says I will definitely lose my job on April 26… who will make my house payment for me????

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