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Pendleton mom nominated for Spouse of the Year

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. – An Oceanside mother said she was shocked when she found out she was in the running to be “Military Spouse of the Year.”

military wife

Marine Corps Major Ross Schellhaas and his wife Kristine.

As a mother of two and wife of Marine Corps Major Ross Schellhaas, who is stationed at Camp Pendleton, Kristine Schellhaas’s shock deepened when she found it that her mother didn’t submit the nomination.

“I couldn’t believe it, I thought it was my mom that nominated me, because that seems like something she would do, but a lot of people who view my website have been reaching out and saying ‘thanks,’” she said.

Schellhaas has experienced four deployments during her 10 years as a military wife, and is sharing her knowledge with other spouses worldwide.

She created her own website three years ago to connect military spouses through the internet and give them advice on anything from moving to coping with deployments.

Her most recent endeavors include her weekly podcast called “Semper Fiesty” which she broadcasts from her mini-studio, which she humbly admits is in the corner of her laundry room.

“We talk about some of the issues our friends have experienced with military life and get into the more serious issues of health care and PTSD,” she said.

There will be one day to vote for “Military Spouse of the Year” and it’s on March 5. The list of nominees has been posted online.


  • Joy

    Interesting, I know this one woman well and she has a terrible reputation among her fellow miltary spouses. I guess she just sucked up to the right person to get nominated.

    • Not Joy

      Wow Joy. You obviously don't know her then. She's amazing and has given up so much to help other people. She was nominated by several people. This isn't a process where one person makes the rules, a lot of people respect her and voted her as a top 3 finalist in the Marine Corps. I guess I would ask you what you think her "reputation" is?

  • Heather

    Joy, your comment doesn't even make sense. She didn't get nominated and voted as the largest Marine Corps Base winner by having a bad reputation. Get over yourself Joy.

  • Kacey

    I don't know her, but I really look up to her. She is an inspiration and her website has provided so much help to me and my family.

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