Calif. to consider increasing gasoline taxes

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SAN DIEGO – If a proposed increase in gasoline taxes is approved, California will not only have the most expensive gas in the nation, but also the highest gas taxes.

The price of a gallon of gas steadily increased about 58 cents last month, sitting somewhere around $4.21 a gallon.

Gas-pump-5Director of Utility Consumers’ Action Network Charles Langley said we now could be facing an increase in state gas taxes.

“We will be paying the highest gasoline taxes in the country,” Langley said. “Since 2010, gasoline consumption has plunged. It’s been unthinkable.  Nobody thought people would buy less gas in California, but the price has been so high we’re buying less.”

The California State Board of Equalization, which has the authority to increase gas taxes, is debating whether or not to raise California’s excise gas tax by 3.5 cents to 39.5 cents in July. They said it will make up for budget short falls.

On average, most people drive 15,000 miles a year and get 20 miles per gallon – that translates into 750 gallons of gas a year or just over $3,000.

“You’ve got all these different taxes being applied to a gallon of gasoline, so it makes figuring out what you’re paying – down to the penny – for a gallon of gas in tax very difficult,” said Langley.

But if you’re an average consumer, driving about 1500 miles a year, the increase is really not that much.

“It’s going to cost your household about $35 more dollars a year,” he said.

But for people like Michael Bogdan, who works for the Navy and is facing possible furlough of 20 percent of his pay, that’s a bad combination.

“We have to budget our money more consciously. Not going out to eat, weekend trips things like that aren’t going to happen,” Bogdan said.


  • Bill

    Perhaps the public needs to do something more than complain about this crap online. Everyone so enraged but no body does anything but vote the idiots back in every year. Garbage in , garbage out.

  • Keith

    "Since 2010, gasoline consumption has plunged." And what happened in 2010, oh yeah, they RAISED the gas tax! Raising taxes will only make people buy even LESS gas, this won't create revenue, it will decrease it.

    If a business was slow and wanted to attract more customers, would raising prices bring in more customers? NO!!

    Hey dumb-asses in Sacra-demento, Google laissez-faire economics, you might learn something.

  • Tony

    For you bloggers who purchase huge SUVs, do you expect the rest of us to subsidize your wear and tear on the freeways and the pollution you cause? I have a Plug-in Prius that plugs into my solar array; I get free miles while reducing pollution and my footprint on the planet as well as the freeways. Stop complaining and become green tree huggers instead of tea party pundits. BTW, my combined mileage is 58 MPG.

    • Kris

      I don't like SUVs, but for large families, they can certainly make sense. If you load up a single SUV with 5 or 6 people, it's really not that inefficient a way to get around, on a per person basis. BTW, your plug-in Prius, and even more so, fully electric vehicles are heavily subsidized by government tax incentives. Also, don't completely ignore the cost of mining the lithium to produce the big battery packs.

    • Chris King (dublin)

      Look Tony, not all of us can afford solar or a Prius. I own a truck, and use it for the reason it was made. I can not afford another vehicle to satisfy your tree hugger ways.

      Think about the poor and how this will affect them. After all, are'nt you tree huggin libs supposed to be looking out for the small guy?

    • czechsix

      That absolutely rocks for you, Anonymous. Please tell us how much crap went into your precious environment producing that solar array, that battery pack your Prius has to have replaced, and the other infrastructure that’s needed to power your precious “green” vehicle. Sucker.

    • cnmx

      your prius only gets 17 mpg at hiway speed. My fulsize truck avg fuel is better than most hybrids. I do vehicle development for a major car company. Btw your prius has an EM field 1000 times greater than a cell phone .Have fun with you cancer.

    • cnmx

      your prius only gets 17 mpg at hiway speed. My fulsize truck avg fuel is better than most hybrids. I do vehicle development for a major car company. Btw your prius has an EM field 1000 times greater than a cell phone .Have fun with you cancer.

  • Guest

    By all means, let's keep electing the same "winners" to lead us! Jerry Brown, Bib Filner, and best of all, the DEMOCCRATIC SUPERMAJORITY! Enjoy the spiral downward.

    • Guest

      I feel nothing but happiness that those who voted these clowns into office get screwed later. Raise fees and taxes until it HURTS! Chices have consequesces, time to pay up, suckers. Your limited freedom is next.

  • Just a normal guy

    The roads are built and maintained by taxes on fuel. The government mandates car manufactures build cars with better MPG. Better MPG = less fuel being used = less taxes coming to the government.

    Check this out: The government gives the consumer money (increased spending) to buy a hybrid that uses less fuel (decrease in tax revenue). So the government is spending money, to receive less taxes, while maintaining the same roads.

  • Amy

    No wonder businesses and people are fleeing California, pretty soon just stupid people will be paying the taxes for the illegals and those on welfare. Adios Amigos!

  • scotty1111

    For all you electric car nuts, where do you think the power comes from?? In Kalifornia it comes from many oil fired powerplants. Oh yeah, when you have to replace the batteries, they have to go to toxic waste dump, or recycled (if they ever figure out how to recycle lithium (which is nasty stuff). Oh !! You say you recharge with solar?? The average life of solar arrays is 20 years after which production drops significantly. Guess what? They're toxic too and have to go to that same toxic waste dump. So all of you zero emissions people, you're not. You just drank the Kool Aid

  • Chris King (Dublin)

    The Gas Tax that is supposed to go to the roads was placed into the General Fund years ago. That is the problem. The pundits in Sacramento need it to fund their pet projects.

  • Gmerg

    How sad is this country becoming. Government is way out of control…too big. Government employees continue to push these ignorant politicians into office so their pay won’t get cut. Presidents provide amnesty for illegal’s in order to get re-elected and no one can do anything about it. Now they are pushing for gun control…why…personally I think the government is afraid of the people rising up. What’s even scarier is with EPA regulations most manufacturing companies have gone off shore. If a world war breaks out…how will we be able to build planes or ships? We don’t do that anymore. And the last time I check the world was round. So all that regulation on pollution in the states is still coming over here! Oh and how are you going to put AMERICA back to work? We don’t all make roads and bridges…oh wait…that’s right most of that money keeps the government employees working. Oh ya good times

  • guest

    Remember this, most everything we do uses fuel at one part or another. From the food you eat to the services you get . The more people that work the more we consume, putting people back to work is step one next is drilling for oil here. Build a refinery or two and get the electric car ability going like many more charging stations aboard maybe at hotels or something. But we must demand the government put there differences aside and WORK for the people that put them there and is paying there pay check. I don't want to rant and rave but most of use fuel at one time or another there is still plenty left , THAT IS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT p.s. The byproduct of a good running car is CO2 and H2O which trees use.

  • Jeff

    I'd like to ring the neck of people like Tony. I can't understand the reason of making things more expensive for sake of making things more expensive, especially energy. What these idiots don't realize is that making things less expensive makes the economy grow. I wonder why my net income is less and less every year. Could it be because of jackasses like Tony. Duh!

  • Jeff

    These god dam liberals need to go. How do you think America was built with a tiny Prius tugging the lumber to build your house, to deliver your food to grocery store, to build your roads, sidewalks, plant your food you eat. Bite me A-holes.

  • Jeff

    Did your solar panels come to your house on top of Prius too A-hole. How carbon did take make all that solar panel crap you have on your roof. How meet are you heating the environment up by reflecting heat up into the atmosphere with them solar panels dumb-a**. I'm just gonna have kick my off of here now since somebody obviously will.

  • Informed Consumer

    What a bunch of clowns. The gas tax in CA hasn't been raised since 1994. Do more research on the topic before posting ignorant opinions.

  • Actually Look It Up

    Interesting that people get all upset that the gas tax "goes into the general fund" when it's the general fund that pays for road and highway improvements. In fact, CalTrans's highway budget is at least TWICE what the state collects in fuel tax.

    People are of the belief that the gas tax should pay for the roads, but it's being "stolen by Sacramento", when in fact if the state's gas tax was actually fully funding the roads, the tax would need to be double to actually pay for it.

  • cnmx

    Hybrids are the greatest scam ever pulled on the public. The claims are all lies. Most new gas powerd cars meet or surpass real world mpg of hybrids.

  • Tony

    How uninformed most of you tea baggers are! 1) Your gas powered car does not gather the energy from stopping your car to power it back up to speed. Hybrids do that and more. 2) Electric cars have more torque at low speeds than a gas powered car. 3) Hybrids are the way of the future – why do you think Ferrari is building a hybrid – so they can go faster. 4) My solar panels were built in California and are warrantied for 25 years not to lose more than 10% of their stated power. I've had mine for 9 years and they work just fine. They paid for themselves after 6 years. 5) California has 4 coal powered electrical generators in the whole state. Most of California's electrical energy comes from Natural gas that produces 1/2 the CO2 emissions. All I have to say to you tea baggers is – get educated!

  • cnmx

    Ferrari is building hybrids to get their cafe standards up to avoid paying extra tax to import their real cars, like most car companies hybrids are a money losing ventures but they have to do it because our stupid government wants you to have to pay them for the power. Its not about the environment hybrids are much more dirty to produce. It takes 14 years for a prius to start to take back the carbon footprint it made to build. But that never happens because the battery pack will need to be replaced setting it back even further. And besides hybrids are ugly and tell everyone that are a missguided lib-tard that keeps voting to tax us even more.

  • George Sturdevant

    Congratulations to California Dumbocrats. You get exactly what you deserve. GIGO. Vote in leftist idiots and you will be reminded of your idiocy every time you pull up to the pump. Only downside is the good guys also end up getting fucked by you lefties.

  • Mitch210

    Sure..this makes total sense esp for the govt officials who expense their travel costs…fuel, etc. I think its time to either put in a new state govt or get the heck out of Dodge!!

  • waz

    just moved here and am already in disbelief how insane taxes and gas prices are. I’m already looking at alternative places, this isn’t worth it at all. Good luck building the economies here when you can’t attract people or businesses.

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