Prosecutor resigns after ticket fixing conviction

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SAN DIEGO — A veteran San Diego County prosecutor convicted of conspiracy to obstruct justice and other misdemeanor counts for asking a San Diego police sergeant to fix a seat belt ticket she got while riding with a colleague has resigned, a spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office said Wednesday.

Allison Debow, also known as Allison Worden, faces up to a year in jail when she is sentenced March 8.

Had she accepted the ticket, Debow would have had to pay a $142 fine as a first-time adult offender, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety.

The 37-year-old former prosecutor was supposed to be sentenced today, but defense attorney Paul Pfingst told Judge Louis Hanoian that he needed more time to file a motion for a new trial. Debow was not in court for the brief hearing.

Debow had been on paid administrative leave since last year pending the outcome of the criminal case. She submitted her resignation Tuesday, effective at the end of the month, said district attorney’s spokesman Steve Walker.

Debow testified that she used “poor judgment” by telling the officer who issued the tickets to her and fellow prosecutor Amy Maund that they were deputy district attorneys.

The defendant said she told investigators from her office that she believed her friend, Sgt. Kevin Friedman, had dismissed the tickets.

Friedman told investigators that he didn’t get rid of the citations, and an attorney representing Debow told her that a police official higher up the chain of command probably deleted the tickets from the system.

Deputy Attorney General Michael Murphy said Debow was a passenger in a car driven by friend and fellow prosecutor Maund, who was pulled over on May 28, 2011, in Pacific Beach because Debow didn’t have her seat belt on. The two had just had pedicures.

Debow became angry when the officer issued them both citations and called her friend Friedman, Murphy told the jury. Within six hours, the tickets were out of the system, according to the prosecutor.

During the traffic stop, Debow told the officers that she and Maund were deputy district attorneys and didn’t violate any laws.

Pfingst said the officer who issued the citations acted inappropriately by leaning into the car on Debow’s side and invading her personal space.

Friedman, who was also charged in the case, pleaded no contest last May to destroying a traffic citation and later resigned from the department.


  • Diane Hall

    To sacrifice your job over a ticket. Absolutely unbelievable to me. I know both parties, Debow and Freidman and it just leaves me speechless that they would do such a thing. Over what? A stupid seatbelt ticket.

    • DAREN

      Yeah well they thought they were above the laws that we all have to deal with, as PB tries to generate funds from tickets like this.

  • Beavis

    Corruption in San Diego government? No way, I am so shocked. At least prosecutors are getting tough on their fellow criminals. These guys make a slap on the wrist look like capital punishment when it comes to prosecuting one of their own. Abosutely disgusting.

  • TStew

    I think it was more of an ego issue. How dare he give two deputy district attorneys citations!!! Especially after a relaxing pedicure! Sheeeesh! The nerve of some officers! This offending officer may end up with a Christopher Dorner-like job loss :/

  • Amy

    So if your working for the government and you are involved in corruption you are allowed to resign…on the other hand if you are not in government and involved in corruption you can expect to go to prision. She need to go to PRISION!!!

    • Kristen

      Learn how to spell Amy. It is spelled P-R-I-S-O-N. Go back to school. Prison? Really? For a misdemeanor. You are being ignorant. Her original punishment- docked pay and reprimanded was enough. To have the Attorney General's Office waste taxpayer money over this was stupid. How is this any different than Target employees getting a 30% discount. And the officer who actually ripped up the ticket got to plead to an infraction? Talk about an injustice. Yes, she was wrong to ask a favor of the Sgt but the prosecution to this extent is unbelievable. Other comments here are just stupid- Really Jen, you think this woman should lose her career because she unstrapped her seatbelt to grab her phone? So do you speed Jen? If so, you should be fired from your job because you broke the law. See how stupid you sound?

  • Jen

    So she ruined her career over a $142 ticket, which she deserved since she was breaking the law by not wearing her seat belt. The arrogance! I’m sick of all the rampant corruption and abuse of power in our government at all levels. Just sick of it!

    • Michael

      This is not overblown. The whole issue is her doing something that is illegal. It brings into question her ethics and then people start to wonder what else she has lied about. If you are serving the law there should be ZERO TOLERANCE for anything like this. You got the ticket, and you pay it. They aren't going to fire her over a seat belt ticket even if they found out. If she had been honest then she wouldn't have been forced to resign. Learn one simple point: JUST BECAUSE YOU WORK FOR THE LAW DOESN'T MEAN YOU ARE ABOVE IT.

    • Kristen

      She was reprimanded and docked pay and that was the end of it. After that, the attorney general's office, not the DA, pursued prosecution. It's ridiculous. She should have gotten in trouble and punished- which she was. This is just vindicitve prosecution and a waste of taxpayer money. How many people out there talk on their cell phones while driving? Lots- should they get fired for doing so? No.

      • Michael

        Again the issue is not what she was doing. The issue is she tried to be above the law. Had she not done that she would still have a job. Did you completely miss the entire point? Its almost like having tunnel vision. I don't blame them for wanting to fire someone who thinks the law doesn't apply to them. It sends the wrong message to the people. What is hard to understand about that?

  • Ari

    Someone obviously didn't like her and wanted her gone. Deleting tickets is done routinely for family members, friends of officers all the time. This entire thing is a waste of taxpayer dollars. For what? This entire thing is absolutely ridiculous. I'm wondering who they made angry…

  • Guest

    37yo Allison Debow, a k a Allison Worden, is obviously apart of the 'I'm-entitled' generation… she was raised in the rich-4-some 80's. spoiled blonde dimwit. cant help think she looks like that big lipped statue in "Time Machine" (1960).

    beside con/man ipulate n chatter, what else does she do w/ those lips?

    • Guest

      Nothing with you guest. Your comments are ridiculous. You make assumptions because she is pretty. It's obvious you're jealous of her looks so you have to say something stupid.

  • logicrules55

    So … at least a little bit of justice. Does anyone know why there was never so much as an indictment issued for crazed gunman (and, pitifully, MADD darling) Aaron Mansker, who, last I heard, was still on the job?

  • Jimmy

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