Witness: ‘All hell broke loose’ during Encintas shooting

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ENCINITAS, Calif. – A witness described the chaotic scene as a 22-year-old suspect began shooting and wounding two deputies in an Encinitas neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

SWATSan Marcos resident Steve Schwier had been working on a plumbing project next door to the house on the 700 block of Del Rio Avenue where the suspected gunman was holed up Wednesday around 3 p.m.

“I see the deputies going into the house and I heard three shots – sounded like a 44 or bigger caliber gun,” said Schwier.  “The next thing I know, I see four [deputies] in a group and one of them has a rag on his head, he evidentally took a head shot.  Then I found out another one was wounded in the knee.”

“All hell broke loose,” he said.  “A deputy was running down the street with his gun drawn.  He screamed at his partner to ‘get the hell down here right now.’”

Authorities told him to leave the area as the gunman continued firing indiscriminately through the house, Schwier said.  SWAT officers used his white plumbing van that was parked on the street as protection, according to Schwier.

Meanwhile Josh Habarian headed towards the neighborhood where sheriff’s say the suspect had barricaded himself.  Habarian had received a call from his wife while he was at work, telling him she had heard gunshots on the next street over from their home.

Sheriff’s would not allow Habarian into the neighborhood, because a two block parimeter around the scene was blocked off.  But Habarian says his wife told him, by phone, that she and their three-month old were fine.

Schwier said the suspect  had been battling a drug addiction.  A neighbor told Schwier that the suspected gunman was a resident of the house and was thinking about going into a rehab facility weeks ago.


  • garth menthus

    Three shots is not "all hell broke loose." In Afghanistan, I saw "all hell break loose" nearly daily. This is lame–two slight wounds and everyone starts to pee in their pants!

    • Laura

      There's no doubt that what you've seen and been through is horrific; however, anytime undeserving people are shot, it's horrible and should not to be minimalised.

    • David

      Using your criteria, then what you saw in Afghanistan was nothing compared to the Holocaust. Now that was something.

  • yourfuckingmother

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  • yourfuckingdumb

    cops go shooting killing people all the time no one cares a person shoots a cop everyone is freaking out thats whats up

  • Idiot...

    …………….. that was the dumbest comment i have ever read. it's their job. people like you give me anxiety.

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