Deputies warn community about sex offender

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VALLEY CENTER, Calif. — A registered sex offender who served jail time recently for lying about where he was living has moved into a rural North County community, sheriff’s officials said Friday.

Mark William Pliska, 58, informed authorities on Feb. 6 that he was living in a mobile home at 15236 Woods Valley Road in Valley Center.

Pliska, who was convicted of sexually assaulting teenage boys in 1983 and arrested again in 1998 for exposing himself to children, was released from Atascadero State Hospital in 2006. He is not wanted for any crimes and is free to reside and go anywhere without electronic monitoring, though he must inform local law enforcement where he lives.

This morning, deputies went door-to-door in Valley Center — where 15 other sex offenders also live — within a half-mile radius of Pliska’s trailer to inform residents that he had moved into the area.

In August 2011, Pliska, then classified as a sexually violent predator, was arrested for living in an Escondido motel for several months while registered as a transient in Vista and San Marcos. He was sentenced to one year in jail and three years’ probation.

Sex offenders are required to report their current place of residence to the proper authorities regularly.


  • Amy

    Article in todays Fox News San Diego tells about a judge giving probation for a teachers aide that had sex with an underage teen. Maybe Fox news can see why the sentences are so radical all of the time, don't these judges have guidelines in print they must follow or just sentence wiley niley depending on ones mood for the day.

  • rudy101

    You know what? Throwing a person into jail for having a bed, of which he will not have IF he tells the police where he is at IS illegal and a violation of human rights.

    I know none of you care as you strip safety and/or security, calling it a punishment or protection of the community; whatever is convenient for you, but is ONE of the main reasons you will never get me onto a registry. Sorry, but you people have no sense.

    • JAn

      ruby101 your an idiot. You must not have children, if for one second you think this man or any other sex offender's human rights are being VIOLATED! People like you make me sick.

      • Donna

        You have to respect Rudy opinion and I personally agree with him. Im sure you're guilty of a lot of things, however you just didn't get caught. They are STILL human beings at the end of the day therefore if they did their punishment WHY do ppl feel the need to keep attacking them. A crime is a crime-regardless. I wonder back in the old days did slave masters have to register for keeping their slaves against their own will? Smells like a double standard here.

      • rudy101

        It isn't about protection of children. You are making a connection between not sleeping in a bed and the protection of children. Human rights is not about protection of the rights of the popular, but inherently the protection of the rights of the UNPOPULAR.

        What does this man sleeping in a bed, verses sleeping on the streets have to do with protection of the community? Well, there is LOTS. A person with a bed is LESS likely to be dangerous than one without one.

        I don't know this man. I don't care about who he is. What I do care about is, that IF I register, there is a reasonable chance I will become homeless. If I become homeless I will be looking for a bed to sleep in. I will not let a LAW tell me I can't sleep in a bed that if I tell the police I am sleeping in it, I won't be able to sleep in it.

        This is about MY safety, of which that registry doesn't seem to care about. That being the case, AND because that registry is illegally applied, I won't register. I won't register to PROTECT my rights to sleep in a bed. Undesrtand?

        • Xerxes

          You people have enough "rights" and the law has the right to take those rights away. Human rights, Occupiers, Equality for all, you people make me sick! Just keep your mouth shut and live your life. Quit worrying about what happens to others. If it happens to you, it was for a reason.

          • rudy101

            I can and do live my life. I do have my rights. NO LAW takes away or can take away my rights. That is why I left the registry to PROTECT MY RIGHTS!

    • rudy101

      That is a veiled threat. They give you information and you believe you can give veiled threats of death.

      You know what is toast? It is your stupid laws that are putting the community in obvious danger.

  • HaveSomeCommonSense

    Stupid laws? He is a violent predator child sex offender who has attacked and molested two young boys, then lied to authorities about where he is living, which he is required to do as part of his punishment for sexually molesting young boys. What part of this makes you want to defend him? he is the same person who was at the heart of the Pilgrim Church controversy a few years back in which he wanted to be associated with a church in Carlsbad that ran a full-time preschool, was located within a few blocks of a high school, middle school AND elementary school. And the Pilgrim Church didn't inform the parents of the preschool students until long after he was a member of the church. When some of the parents were upset about it, they were asked to take their kids out of preschool and not come back. I know because I am one of them.

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