Baby orca born at SeaWorld

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SAN DIEGO — An Orca calf was born at SeaWorld San Diego Thursday.

The killer whale was born at 6:33 a.m. at Shamu Stadium and appears to be healthy, according to SeaWorld. The mother, Kasatka, who about 37 years old, spent about an hour in labor.

The calf is the sixth to be born at SeaWorld, which now has 10 killer whales. Four have been born to Kasatka.

babyOrcaThe newborn weighs 300-350 pounds and is 6-7 feet long, according to park officials. So far, there’s no word on its sex.

“The mother and baby appear to be doing very well and our initial observations indicate this is a strong, healthy calf,” said Mike Scarpuzzi, vice president of zoological operations at the park. “As with any newborn, the first few days are critical. We’re looking forward to the continued bonding of mom and calf and the baby beginning to nurse.”

Moments after birth, the calf instinctively surfaced to take its first breath. SeaWorld said zoological team members report the mother and offspring appear to be healthy, but the first few days will be critical.

Orcas have an 18-month gestation period.


  • Coronado

    How sad born in a pool, doomed to entertain humans day in/day out for some frozen fish, but at least it's filled with anti-biotics and some anti-stess medications. When will they start drilling her/his teeth? Sorry mom and child that humans find financial gain so much more important than your well being. An orca does not belong in a pool.

    • Angel of Anthropology

      Well if humans like yourself wasn't destroying this planet left and right, we wouldn't have to SAVE animals by keeping them out of harm. Look at how many species are now lost forever because of people like you. People who think animals deserve to have to face us humans alone, a fight no animal will ever win.
      Also I would just LOVE to see your research where it states that orcas are drugged up with antibiotics and anti-stress medication or that their teeth are drilled. If you have none, please keep your hypothesis to yourself. I am tired of SeaWorld bashing when they have done more for animals then you probably have. Although I do not for sure know this, but I have a pretty good assumption that I am right about that.

      • naturenerd

        "People like you"? Is that opposed to people like you who presumably reduce CO2 emissions with every breath you take?

        If you're truly interested in research, may I suggest Death at Sea World by David Kirby. Or if reading a book proves to be too exhausting, you could always just ask, oh, I dunno…someone who WORKS WITH THE ORCAS AT SEA WORLD. It's not a hypothesis: it's a well-documented fact.

  • Bolsos Hermes

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