Obama proposes increasing minimum wage

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  • one@starflew.com

    san diego definitely has the worst minimum wage abuse on the west coast … probably the worst wage abuse in the country … the fortune five hundred group of companies the principle abusers … those profiteering off the various military economies and then selfishly dead ending the economy via sub floored wages … typical $8.00 an hour multi year wage ruts versus the $900.00 rental threshold … it is the number one gay issue at this point in town … it also grossly affecting recent island immigrants as well … among other groups … the so called slave wage lowers the whole economic ladder … 50-100 percent more the same jobs in other good willed cities via the same parent companies … it was about jerry sander’s only big mistake in office not to raise it … the slave wage definitely responsible for a variety of san diego societal maladies from the high permanent un employment to homelessness to higher drug and alcohol rates to SSDI abuse to higher defecits … etc etc etc … it is very good to note that the local companies already doing the right thing are already paying over the proposed necessary local revision to at least $10.00 to $11.00 an hour … note also that lazy ass todd gloria has the worst district in the city for the wage abuse of its constituents … f y i … let’s let filner finally fix it this spring … rwt

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