Local man: ‘Don’t go to Tijuana on your own’

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SAN DIEGO — Some say Tijuana is much safer now than it was 5 years ago, and even safer than many cities here in the US, but one local man wants to warn San Diegans, if you’re going to cross to TJ, don’t do it on your own.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 10.31.19 PMJeremey Sauritch is still shaken up after what he said happened during his last visit to Tijuana.

Without a job or health insurance, Sauritch decided to go see a dentist in TJ to fix his front tooth.

“That was my cheapest bet,” said Sauritch.

The Carlsbad man said he’s been crossing the border since he was a teenager and had never had an issue, until Tuesday.

Sauritch told Fox 5, he left the dentist near Avenida Revolución and was walking to cross back home when someone approached him, “A man came toward me saying he wanted to show me something, he had what I needed,” said the 34 year old.

It was right then and there Sauritch said he knew things were going to go wrong.

“4 men jumped me, they started punching my head, I have bruises all over my head,” said Sauritch.

But recent studies by cross-border groups suggest incidents like this one aren’t very common.Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 10.31.37 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 10.31.49 PM Newly released statistics from research firm ‘Crossborder Group’ show the number of violent and non-violent crimes has been decreasing since its peak in 2008.

In fact, Tijuana is considered to be safer then several US cities, including St. Lois, Missouri, Oakland, California and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Sauritch said most of his injuries aren’t visible and doesn’t think it’s worth filing a police report.

The San Diego native, who does not speak Spanish, said he knows it could’ve been a lot worse; he wasn’t carrying cash on him and was lucky he had his passport in his front pocket.

“If you’re going to cross to Tijuana, be sure to go with a group,” said Sauritch.



  • sonofsancho

    Is this a joke? Some guy who "went to the dentist" from San Diego gets mugged (I wonder how many a day happen in San Diego that you report) and that is your report "balancing" the fact that Tijuana is much safer than before and other cities?

    • leslie

      good for you–no one should be mugged ever but you are so correct–where is the balance?.shame on this "reporter."

      • guest

        right on…the writer of this article is obviously mex/hispanic/latino

        the blatant jump into number crunching insults the victim and ..gee then what happen? how'd he get back to USA??

    • Derek

      Most crime in T.J (Mexico in general) goes unreported. Just imagine how high the crime rate would be if all crimes were reported. Notice, even the guy in this article failed to report the incident. He knew Mexican law enforcement is a useless joke as do most anyone who'd consider reporting a crime to them.

  • Jon

    I have lived in Tijuana for the Past 25 years!!
    I have never been mugged, raped, attacked, robed, hit, shot at, taken hostage o killed!
    Get a life people! If you are in the wrong places something will happen!
    Just like when I was a Kid, you didn;t go down to MAXWELL Street in CHICAGO!!
    Now it is the place with the most famous hotdogs in the world!
    Take away your negative thoughts about things you do not know!!

    • David N

      I am from Chicago (now live in TJ) and actually after living there for 26yrs I never had an incident other than once with the police, because like you I knew where to stay away from. In TJ I've only had problems with the authorities and like Chicago I never gave in. Never been arrested, mugged, raped, attacked, robbed, raped, hit shot or "killed" either…lol

  • Rolando Robles

    The entire event of the supposed mugging is questionable. The man was "beaten" for no reason; he was not robbed (he had no cash-he went to a foreign city with exactly the amount to be paid "for fixing his front tooth" (?); the passport in his shirt pocket (?) is still there; you can't see the fellow's face (?) . This whole thing looks like a fabrication-more of Mexico kicking adding to the Acapulco affair. The SD UNION should be more careful and attentive of these jingoistic actions!

  • David N

    The only incidents I've ever had are with the police in TJ and I've been living here since 2005. Love the "fact" they say the dentist was near Ave Revolucion but doesn't say where he got mugged. Between Ave Revolucion and the border I could think of a couple of places you shouldn't be walking but that's true in any city with it's good and bad areas. You'd think someone that's been crossing since he was a teenager would provide the information or maybe they just edited that part. I mean why would you want to inform your public of an area to avoid if you're visiting the sister city…uuuggghhh. Sounds like a bunch of BS to me. If anything I've had more trouble in Chula Vista and San Diego than I have Tijuana.

  • DavePretty

    I'll definitely say this, the odds of getting tuned up by some locals in Tijuana is probably higher if you're:

    1. Drunk in public
    2. Disrespectful

    Be neither and you have about as much to worry about as any neighborhood here in San Diego.

    • Guest

      well said, Fred

      i recall oh bout 20yrs ago..visiting friend in Berkeley, went out to dinner then looked for place to hear some local jazz.. we go to VERY local bar/club on the Berk/Oakland border..all black! i'm italian, she's white, scary..oh yea we got looks, but ordered drinks, they 'got' we were there for the music and all was well. whew.

  • TheKingElRey

    "…Tijuana is considered to be safer then several US cities, …"
    Check your spelling and grammar!
    While your at it, check for more newsworthy items to report on!

  • mickey

    Check THIS NEWS OUT !!!!!

    36,972 people went to the dentist in the USA today and NONE were robbed or beaten!!!… Reports say that 2,334 of them went to the most dangerous city in this article, St Louis, Missouri’s dentists and were neither robbed or beaten !!… Go to mexico and take your chances if your a thrill seeker, but my money is on the US of A

    I’ll never go down to that dangerous 3rd world dump ever again…..All you poor, unemployed or uneducated schlubs can have a blast getting “dental work” done there !!

    Mamma was right, shouldve stayed in school and did your homework

    • Ms Deb

      I got an advanced degree. I also served my county. Just for the heck of it, I gave birth 3 times without drugs to 3 glorious children who are now adults. I'm healthy, no drug/alcohol problems. But if it weren't for my eldest, I'd be sleeping on the street instead of her couch. GIVE ME A GOOD JOB! I'd be freaking awesome at it!

  • Bill Esparza

    In the last month, someone was mugged in every major city on Earth–are you for real? This story is not news–someone was mugged–muggings don't even make the news in L.A.–except for maybe a 20 word story buried in the middle of the paper. This story is stupid–people cross the border every day all day long, it's safe and routine. What's your next story gonna be–how you smashed your fingers cracking open a walnut–and now will never touch a walnut again?

  • Jon

    I cross into Tijuana by myself 3 to 5 times per month. In the past 5 years I have been down there over 100 times. I have NEVER been mugged. I have been mugged in San Diego though! You just have to use common sense down there. I never walk in areas that do not have lots of people. I stay in the tourist areas. If I want to go somewhere that you can not walk to without going through tourist area, I take a cab. Cabs are cheap down there! That was this guy's mistake. He should have taken a cab from his dentist back to the border. If you use cabs you will never have a problem!

  • Real Talk

    Dreadful murder rate list. Honestly, it's embarrassing.

    Crossborder Group are an extremely poor source who have a nasty habit of playing with the numbers. They're a hugely Irresponsible and damaging outfit, they should be banned.

    Some of the US "cities" listed are already suburbs of much larger cities, the other "cities" consist of a small inner core of a vastly bigger metropolitan area. The figures are much, much lower and lower than TJ.

    If you think TJ's murder rate isn't lower and they've done something to the figures, you'd be right.

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