Black men on alert as Dorner search continues

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SAN DIEGO – As the manhunt for suspected murderer Christopher Dorner continues, a police sergeant warns African American men of the reality of racial profiling.

“If you’re an African American man, you could be stopped and questioned,” said San Diego Black Police Officer Association President Sgt. Benjamin Kelso. “There are many people that may look like Chris Dorner, my self-included. If you are stopped and questioned its important to cooperate with officers.”

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 10.39.20 PMBut the line between racial profiling and suspect profiling is gray.

“I got some friends who are large, black men, who have bald heads, who should be concerned,” said San Diego attorney Doug Oden.


He’s worried that as the pursuit for Dorner intensifies, drawing thousands of tips and potential sightings, more African American men could be racially targeted.

Oden said another factor possibly fueling racial profiling is the $1 million reward for Dorner.

“There may be people thinking, there’s a large black man, it could be him, I could get paid, so I think that $1 million reward could be counterproductive,” said Oden.

The search for Dorner has already had near death results. Last week, LAPD officers shot at a vehicle they believed was being driven by Dorner. Two women inside were wounded.

San Diego’s BPOA released a list of instructions Monday in response to growing concerns over racial profiling and mistaken identity, asking the community to continue to cooperate with the investigation.

  • If you are stopped or confronted by officers, cooperate and follow instructions.
  • Do not escalate the situation by becoming argumentative, belligerent or non-compliant.
  • Once the situation has de-escalated, ask the officers for an explanation.
  • Be willing to listen what the officer has to say. The consequences of failure to comply are high for everyone involved, citizens, and law enforcement officers included.




  • wildchild934

    ok i got it blindly lay down and kiss your butt goodbye obey obey obey what happens when citizens start FEARING for their lives everytime they see a cop [rightfully so it would seem] and do exactly what the cops would do? open fire spray and pray. not a very pretty thought is it?

  • tiredoftheracialcrap

    So being stopped and inconvienced for a few minutes is soooooo damn horrible. If it was a white dude and they were being stopped and checked there wouldnt be a peep about the racial part of it.

    • Eljaay

      Lol you're trying to make an effort to try and say racism doesn't happen within the police, the only problem is it actually does happen…and always has.

    • dj000007

      Duh! Probably because there are more whites than any other ethnic group and stopping black men is usually the LAPD's first resolve to ANY situation. Re-educate your response and try again.

    • Skwal

      What you don't realize is that if it were a white dude, they wouldn't be randomly stopping and checking white people, and they definitely wouldn't be randomly shooting at vehicles that resemble his truck.

    • GBBG

      Let me know how many innocent WM have been stopped for no reason whatsoever. Go on, I'll wait. Oh, you're just trolling and baiting? Gotcha…


    • Guest

      Your are obviously an uneducated piece of ghetto trash. Your anger obvioulsy comes from your the run ins you have experienced with the police. Here is a thought- Stop Committing crimes and they will leave you alone.

      Typical welfare rat- refuses to accept responsiblity for your own actions. IJust cause you rpaed and beat a woman the police are supposed to leave you alone or that is harassment.

      Go back to your ghetto. I would add get an education but again that would mean taking some responsiblity for your life and we all know you will not give up your free ride on tax dollars earned by hard working americans.

  • Guest

    Why should “blacks” be grateful for being questioned? When will America learn? The “blacks” are the litmus test and starting point for violations that spread to YOU. I was amazed at the LACK of outright outrage of the news article and its recommendation for “black males” to go along with the violation. The general consensus is “Oh well.” Okay. Continue to NOT stand up for “blacks” and your enslavement is becoming more and more. One more thing. Only a few noticed enough to comment, Dorner is not a threat to the general public. He has only been a threat to the cops and their families. He has harmed no one else. So the cops are terrified and now they are terrorizing the general public and violating everyone’s rights to catch one man. Wow. America keeps going deeper and deeper into the shyter…..

  • Tommyboy

    I cannot believe this is our country anymore? What blows me away is how many black dudes are OK with this. "Yes, please go ahead and shred the bill of rights in front of me" No problem. Nice to know that our entire justice system can be put on hold if Police feel threatened..

  • Guest

    So, let me get this straight – they say he's done some really bad things, but we haven't had a trial to prove it or anything. They have already shot and injured atleast 3 people who looked nothing like this man without even stopping and questioning them and now the recommendation is for anyone who is of the same gender and race to give up their rights until the catch this person whom they "say" has done such atrocious things. Something is smelling rotten in the state of California not Denmark this time. Just my opinion it's time for us to stand together for each other's rights before we all lose all of our own.

  • Cynthia Morse

    Black men are stopped and questioned, and harrassed and threatened and harmed, by police across this country every day just because they're black. There's a world of data and study to confirm this. Police behavior is what Dorner describes in his writing as what he's had enough of. So now BECAUSE cops ignore civil rights and brutalize black men, those same men are being told it's THEIR responsibility to be understanding with the cops–supposedly trained professionals?

  • Copkiller

    Bullshit. I wish a cop would stop and question me. And let them reach for a weapon first; I will go Dorner on that ass. The sad reality is, if a cop shoot and kill me for mistaken identity, them it's okay because it was an accident. But if I shoot and kill a cop who I felt threatened by then I'm in the wrong. Fuck that! This is the very reason why law abiding citizens need guns to protect themselves.

    I wish there were more Dorners out there to rid us of these corrupt incompetent cops.

  • allthatmatters

    If Dorner did not have a legitimate complaint before; the action of the police is clearly showing what they are all about. Profiling to protect themselves and not the public. Innocents will be at jeopardy with trigger happy police and public with the enormous reward out. Fox and Friends said they wish he be killed and dead would be better then alive. They have never said that about any white or other ethnic group that has killed people randomly. Fox is a true hatter of the black people especially men.

  • Michael

    I've been fitting the description my whole life and willingly cooperate with the law. Brother Rodney showed me why… Now, those ladies that got shot at, how'd they end up behind the barrel? Did those cops even ask to see an ID. Two old ladies delivering papers doesn't sound like a Suge Knight looking character wielding weapons unless Madea's on the loose.

  • Guest

    There's some terrible advice here. No one should talk to the police ever, especially when they're being detained. Asking the police for an explanation? Even the politest inquiry that questions the police actions can enrage them – I've seen it several times withe SDPD and the Sheriffs and Harbor Police. I wouldn't do that unless someone was taping and I had multiple witnesses.

  • Guest

    HEll EVERYOJNE should be afraid!!! These "police officers" opened fire on a little old lady (white) without and sayiung a word- they just opened fire? Why her truck looked "similar" to the one the suspect drove. Seriously?!!!! I hope she sues the living bejeezus out of them.

    Apparently these "police officers" believe it is open season on all citizens. Our country just went back to ther dark ages. Zieg Hiel!

  • Guest

    I love the posts here calling this man a hero and that the streets should run red wiht cops blood. Everyone of these these folks have a beef with the police- why? Becasue they got busted breaking the law- and as typical of uneducated welfare mongers they do not accept responsibility for their own actions. "Just cuz I raped someone don't give cops right to arrest my"

    Go back to your ghettos.

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