Border security increased as manhunt continues

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SAN YSIDRO, Calif. – Only two traffic lanes were open on southbound Interstate 5 at the US – Mexican border over the weekend, as the hunt for a suspected cop killer continued.

Dorner FaceOfficers wearing body armor and cradling rifles watched traffic heading through the unusual bottleneck at the checkpoint in San Ysidro.  The U.S. Border Patrol confirmed extra security at the busiest border crossing in the world was a result of the manhunt for 33-year-old Christopher Jordan Dorner.

“Usually you go right through, but not this time,” said Desiree Prado, a San Diego resident.

Authorities requested added security from US Customs and Border Protection.  Authorities believe Dorner may have wanted to go to Mexico when he allegedly tried to steal a boat in Point Loma Wednesday night.

But some people said the added border security was not necessary.

“If I was trained by the police and I was going to evade them – I would not go through known checkpoints.  I would not go to high-profile areas where they have camera surveillance up,” said Jeremy Posey, a Rancho San Diego resident.

Authorities said the added border security will be indefinite and travelers heading to Mexico should expect delays.

Law enforcement officers in San Diego County and across the Southwest remained on heightened alert for a third consecutive day.

Police and the Sheriff’s office reported no new possible sightings of Dorner, who was fired by the Los Angeles Police Department five years ago.

In Los Angeles, police Chief Charlie Beck refused to make any comments as he attended a City Hall prayer breakfast.

Both the San Diego Police Department and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department were had regular staffing levels as authorities in the Big Bear area resumed their search.


  • Jeniffer

    Thousands of people live in Mexico and work in San Diego contributing to the economy. It is ridiculous and unfair that we are being punished for one person. If this person wanted to go into Mexico he could simply sit in the back seat and the immigration officer would have not seen him. For the last three days it has taken me almost two hours to go back home.

    • john

      "We are being punished"? The people on this side of the Border are being punished…We get to pay property taxes for your children to go to school for free!! We get to give you welfare that you collect here from a Post Office box while living cheap in Mexico…What you think we don't know what is going on?

  • Johnny

    Stay in Mexico. This is the United States of Amercia not MEXICO. Stay and work down there and help your own economy. "Punished"? Lol. We are looking for a killer not crybabies

    • Andrew

      I would like to add that I myself (an american and not of latin descent) also live in Mexico and work in San Diego. This is not uncommon, as ‘starving students’ people looking to retire and many others find the cost of living to be much more affordable. Your response was not well thought out and you are likely a racist pig. It also contributes to the stereotype that people in this region are stupid. You’ve exposed yourself as one such person for everyone to see. Congrats!

    • Robert

      You seem to live in a haze of ignorance… the only possible way you could make such a stupid and uninformed statement. You must be the "little johnny" in all the jokes about the ignorant racist kid.

      Another American who lives in Mexico.

  • Angel

    Regardless of reason the choice to live in Mexico and work in San Diego comes with the possibility of a Border Town wait. Get over it or go with it.

  • Andy

    I agree while this manhunt is going on don't add to the problem if you are living in Mexico stay in Mexico until this is over.

  • polock

    SO IGNORANT!!!!! Yea were all fed up with people taking advantage of welfare, free school ect ect so why don't WE as Americans do something about it instead of talking crap all the time…. It's not the people it's OUR GOVERNMENT who lets this happen…

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