Teacher pregnant with student’s baby sentenced

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SAN DIEGO — A high school special-education teacher who admitted having sex with one of her former students — and is pregnant with his baby — was sentenced Wednesday to a year in jail but will be released early to deliver and care for the child.

Kelly McKenzy Watson, 34, was also placed on three years felony probation, during which she is not allowed to work with minors, and was ordered to undergo counseling.

Kelly WatsonJudge Laura Halgren said Watson — who is due April 5 — did not have to register as a sex offender.

Attorneys said the unborn child’s father — who turns 18 in April — is in love with Watson and plans to be part of the child’s life despite a no-contact order put in place by the judge. Halgren said the victim could be present for the birth.

The defendant pleaded guilty in November to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. According to a psychological evaluation, Watson is not sexually promiscuous but was naive and immature when she got involved with the then-16-year-old boy.

Halgren said the relationship between defendant and victim “was not an ideal parenting situation,” but said Watson was not a danger to re-offend. The judge said Watson “violated the public’s trust” when she had sex with a former student.

Watson, who was arrested last Aug. 9, met the boy when he was a student in her class at the New Haven residential school in Vista, said Lt. Anastasia Smith of the San Diego Police Department.

The lieutenant said Watson was the boy’s teacher at New Haven for several semesters from September 2010 until August 2011. New Haven works with troubled and at-risk teens.

San Diego police sex crimes detectives received a tip last July 30 about inappropriate conduct between Watson and the former student and later determined she had a dating relationship with him several months earlier, Smith said.

Deputy District Attorney Mary-Ellen Barrett said the victim was released from the residential facility in January 2012 and he and Watson were together two weeks later.

Watson had been a special-education teacher for seven years and hopes to work in adult education someday, according to defense attorney David R. Cohn.

He said Watson has been living with family members in Bakersfield and working in accounting.


  • les

    interesting sentence but the father has a right to see his child, and now he also has to pay child support and is a child himself?

  • marymary88

    I think it's interesting that she is basically walking away scott free, she doesn't have to register as a Sex offender and she basically isn't doing any Jail time, but i bet if this was a Teen girl and the Teacher
    was a Man,He would be going to Prison for Sure

  • sdwrench

    The fact that she does not have to register is total bull. If she were a male they would be thowing the book at her. "Watson is not sexually promiscuous but was naive and immature when she got involved with the then-16-year-old boy." – maybe she is the one who belongs in SPECIAL ED. How the hell do you cite that she was naive at 34 years old. Did she just crawl out of the Ozarks?

  • bob

    When will we ever just leave people alone. Let them figure this out without government intervention. I am sure he will suffer no ill effects from this. A sixteen year old knows exactly what he is doing.

  • Mary

    why doesn't she have to register as a sex offender???? She got a slap on the hand nothing more…

  • william

    what in the hell is wrong with our courts are all the judges on the take this bitch should had got 20 years no they let her walk so she can get a t.v. show and make millions if it was a man he would had and got the 20 and register has a sex offender until the court wake up these teacher will keep raping our young boys

  • Jani

    There are legal ages of consent in every state. So depending on that is one of the things that judges go by, as well as any evidence brought forth by the victim of either rape or of consent. If he consented then there is no grounds for her having to register as a sex offender. Besides that she;s pregnant with his child and he wants to be with her. That's what the difference is between their situation and say that of a man having sex with a female student. Usually in those cases it escalated from harassment, to either rape or giving in to the male teacher. That's why there's such a huge difference between that of a female teacher sexing a male student than that of a male teacher sexing a female student. Most of the time there is a rather significant difference.

    • guest

      yea Jani..
      And i guess that's also the difference between,…a bottle n front of you and a frontal lobotomy.

  • Yogi Bear

    Had this been a male teacher, he would have a worse sentence AND would have had to file as a sex offender! BS!

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