Family protests deadly police shooting

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SAN DIEGO – The family of a Mira Mesa man shot and killed by police demanding justice from the San Diego County District Attorney Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 5.42.18 PMOn June 4, San Diego police were checking on a call that Victor Ortega allegedly punched and kicked his wife at their Mira Mesa home. When they arrived, Ortega ran off, police said.

A short pursuit ended with a scuffle and Officer Jonathon McCarthy opened fire on Ortega, his family told Fox 5.

McCarthy said it was a case of self-defense as Oretga was only cuffed on one hand and was reaching for a gun.Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 5.42.59 PM

“We believe he was handcuffed behind his back when he was shot,” Ortega’s sister-in-law Naomi Campbell said.

According to his family, a newly released autopsy report shows Ortega was cuffed before he was shot. The report indicated cuff marks on both of Ortega’s wrists and his fingernails were clean. The Ortega family said this is a contradiction of the officer’s report.

Campbell and dozens of community supporters packed into District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis’ office Wednesday to delivery 1,000 signed letters and a petition in hopes she will prosecute McCarthy.

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 5.43.29 PM“I’m hopeful that they’ll do the right thing and take a fresh look at this case,” said Campbell.

“[Dumanis] assured us that her office is conducting an investigation that is independent of the investigation that is being conducted by internal affairs,” said family attorney Christine Denning.

SDPD had no comment Wednesday.

The family has filed a civil suit in federal court.  This was the family’s second visit to Dumanis’ office.




  • guest

    The dude is a wife beater who tried to run from the cops…you guys are making this guy out to be a fallen hero…I dont get the point of this story…

    • Jesus

      I agree, waste of money and resources. Sadly common sense isn’t so common, if an officer gives u directions, follow them. What are u so afraid of? They arent mexican cops.

      • VoiceOfSpringValley

        SD policeand SD Sheriff's Department have had their share of dirty cops. Who hasn't made a mistake and tried to cover it up at some point in their life? Trust me it would be a whole lot easier to justify a coverup if your career is over because of a mistake and you think the guy is guilty….right?__If the autopsy shows there were cuff marks it is possible the dirtbag slipped out one hand if the cuff wasn't on properly.__It still needs to be looked at because maybe the officer who made the mistake needs to receive some remedial training on how to cuff so he and his partner don't get killed in the future.__The Sheriiffs department recently was using predatory tactics hanging out in parking lots on the weekend to nab unbuckled drivers""" in the parking lot""" so they could suck up weekend overtime at your expense!__Yes, Ticketing violent unbuckled drivers in a parking lot instead of crime prevention and patrolls. That says alot about their skewed priorities.__San Diego PD and Sheriff need to continue to cleaning up their force. But for now anything is believable, especially a coverup!t here!

  • thechurchofchrismartin

    For Dirty Dumanis to promise this family a fair & independent investigation is the worst kind of lie. Her office is INCAPABLE of offering justice to this grieving family. The ironic thing is, the Boston crone always excuses every single shooting by the SDPD. Yet when she ran for mayor last year and sought the police union's endorsement–the cops said no and ran for their lives. The cops are well aware of what a dirty dog D.A. Dumanis really is.

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